Youth International Cultural Festival, for the hearts that beat together

March 21st, 2014

Youth International Cultural Festival, for the hearts that beat together

Youth International Cultural Festival, for the hearts that beat together

Epoka University supports the First Youth International Cultural Festival organized by “Turgut Özal” Educational Institutions with the support of Ministry of Youth and Social Welfare, organize the First International Youth Cultural Festival.  The festival has also the support of University of Arts and MIST (Memorial International School of Tirana).

This international event, will not only include components of Albanian tradition but it will also offer a wider range of other traditions, by doing so, the festival will be an open window into the culture of our region. Different musical parts such as: songs, dance and poetic parts will accompany the guests for about two hours, on Saturday 22 March at 2.00 P.M. at ‘’Pallatin e Kongreseve’’. Another surprise for the guests will be the two presenters, the charming couple, Amarda Toska and Ermal Mamaqi.

The International Youth Cultural Festival comes as a continuity of international festivals of music, language and literature which is organized by the students who attend the schools of Educational Institutions “Turgut Özal” in 160 different countries. These festivals are the best opportunity to experience together different cultures, languages and different traditions, based on harmony, tolerance and understanding. Therefore, a new world will rise in the friendly relations between people, religions and cultures.

The festival aims to bring in Tirana the attention of young people of our region. However, the principal purpose is the presantation of values of the Albanian youth, their wishes and expectations towards these countries, but also towards the European Union, where Albania wishes to be and will be part of it in a near future.

The Educational Institutions “Turgut Özal” or known otherwise as ‘’Turkish Colleges’’, have an experience of 21 years in Albania. During these two last decades, they have worked and brought the best to the youth of Albania in the field of education. These schoolsare now an distinguished brand which is themost welcomed and acceptedin our country.


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