“Welcome of the Rector of Epoka University to the New Academic Year”

November 30th, -0001

“Welcome of the Rector of Epoka University to the New Academic Year”

“Welcome of the Rector of Epoka University to the New Academic Year”


First of all, I would like to thank all - for your participation at the “Opening Ceremony of the 2011-2012 academic year” at Epoka University.  

I would like to wish a warm welcome especially to our honorable guests: Prof. Dr. Jorgaq Kacani – Rector of the Polytechnic University of Tirana and Prof. Dr. Mit`hat Mema – Rector of the “Aleksandër Moisiu” University in Durrës, the new academic staff and students who joined us this year, as well as the those who will continues their studies at Epoka University. 

They say that “life is a journey” where you continuously learn, indeed the university life - is a special period for everyone - a special period to learn - to get to know new people - a special period to discover knowledge and truths about life and science.

In this context, our University aims to provide you with the highest level of education and scientific research so that all together we can respond to the challenges of the globalization era. That is why the slogan of our University is -“EPOKA UNIVERSITY” A NEW ERA OF EDUCATION.

The most important responsibility of the university is to improve the quality of learning and teaching and improve the life of people. Universities give the most important contribute to the progress of the society. Nowadays the development level of the states, their size, is linked more on the advanced production technologies than on the natural resources they poses. The most developed states are those owning knowledge and using it. In this context, universities represent a strategic institution for the development of the world.

Dear academic staff

As a University we have to provide our students with the right knowledge to respond to the development of the state and its needs, to have a profession which sustains their living expenses, gives satisfaction and grows them into intelligent, self- accomplished, cultured individuals.

The best indicator of being academically strong is represented by the level of relations between research and application. We at Epoka University want to be interconnected with application. This is very important to us. By cooperating with companies, we ensure that students work in different environments thus providing them with a spirit of entrepreneurship.

In this context, participation in international scientific events is supported. Encouragement awards are given to scientific publications and at the same time, financial support is provided to scientific research projects.


Dear students,

Knowledge and technology are spreading and affecting the society in an unprecedented way. There are no more state borders. In the era of knowledge, the skilled work force can work all over the world. That is why you have to been opened to knowledge and aware of the changes affecting the world, so that you can be competitive in labor market.

The students graduating at Epoka University, with the learned skills will be able to discover knowledge and learn how to use it, identify problems and suggest solutions, work in groups, pursue individual and group goals, in other words become a valuable professional human resource. The most valuable treasure of Epoka University are the students…., but remember you are the most important treasure of Albania as well.

Dear guests,

Allow me to give you short information about our University.

Epoka University was established on the valuable experience of the highly acclaimed Turkish high schools that have been operating with a high success in Albania since 1993. We have benefited from the experience of the developed countries in the world and in Turkey while establishing our University and at the same time, we have been involved in the Bologna Process.

Work on the establishment of the University started in 2006. Undergraduate studies started in the 2007-2008 academic year with only 60 students in the Departments of Civil Engineering, Banking and Finance as well as Business Administration.

Epoka University offers Bachelor, Master of Science and Arts and Professional Master study programs in compliance with the Bologna system. Soon we will start the PhD programs which are highly relevant with regard to research and contribution to society. Cooperation is being carried out with many foreign universities on these programs and at the same time, Epoka University is moving firmly towards becoming an international research university.

This year we have opened the Business Informatics Bachelor Program, The Master of Science in Economics Programs, The Banking and Finance Program in Albanian and also the Double Diploma Program with Leeds Metropolitan University in England. At the same time, being a University which gives great importance to the latest technology we have established the Automation System, the Smart Boards and The Kiosks. 


Together with 250 new students who have registered this year at Epoka University, nearly 700 students continue their studies at the Bachelor level, whereas 300 students study at the Master`s level. Registrations are still going on regarding the Master`s programs.

43 members of the academic staff are currently employed at our University and 7 research assistants.  We also aim at gathering under our roof the highly-qualified Albanian academicians scattered in many countries of the world in order to contribute to the development of the country.


At end I would like to address the parents: 

Honorable parents,

The future belongs to our children. The investment we make for their education is indeed the most profitable. I want to ensure you that we are here to meet your expectations. 

Dear students, you joined us after completing a difficult race also with the help of your families. I sincerely congratulate you. Your families showed great sacrifices and efforts to ensure your university education.

Dear students,

Our main objective is to provide you an education of international standards. We will engage all the resources of the University to this end. If our duty is to advance towards becoming an education and research institution of international standards, your duty should be to benefit at most from this education and to carry out your duties and responsibilities towards society.

Attention is paid to the opinions of every student and it is ensured that they are involved in the management of the University. The candidates you will elect through democratic means will represent you in the decision-making boards of the University and will ensure that your opinions are transmitted to us. Your opinions and suggestions will shed light to us regarding the management of the University. It is my belief that you will share every opinion with us and enable that our University advances. 

In closing my remarks, I would like to sincerely thank the distinguished participants honoring the Opening Ceremony of the 2011-2012 academic year of our University and I also wish every success to our students and staff in this academic year.

Prof. Halil Murat OZLER




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