Watch it vs Read it debate

January 27th, 2015

Watch it vs Read it debate

Watch it vs Read it debate

On January 27th, “Book Lovers”, Epoka University Club, organized the debate “Watch it vs Read it”. The debate focused on exploring which of these two mediums to choose from, as they sometimes complement and sometimes compete one another.

A good book is often transformed into a good movie and not vice versa. On the other hand, film industry is developing very rapidly and we cannot say the same thing about the book industry.

Each one of us owns at least one digital screen device. This was proved once again during the debate, when Mr. Alban Tartari, the leader of the group “Pro books” asked the audience to show up their mobile phones. Regardless of this, we all agree that endorsing the ideology by which movies are considered better than books is an impossible mission. Meanwhile Mr. Julian Deda, a well-known Albanian comedian, leader of the ‘Pro films’ group states that visualization of the information is more or less like the concept of fast food. We watch films to feed our curiosity, while books give an immense emotional depth while reading them.

At the end of the debate, panelists agreed that balance between films and books is best to assure conveying impact.


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