Urbanism TALKS!

May 30th, 2015

Urbanism TALKS!

Urbanism TALKS!

A group of approximately 20 experts; urban planners, landscape architects, economists, etc., from the Urban Development Department of the City of Rotterdam, visited Epoka University and discussed urbanism issues with Architecture Department faculty and students.
The ambassador H.E. Mrs. Dewi van de Weerd, of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania, honored this event with her presence.
The trip was organized within the framework of city study trips that the Department of City Development in Rotterdam Municipality plans yearly in any city that has interesting aspects for the further development.
The decision to choose Tirana as this year’s destination was inspired by the visit of ‘Inspiring Cities’, organized by STIPO, two years ago and in view of the next IABR event in Rotterdam with the theme: ‘New Economy’, where Tirana will be featured. 
The visit created new bridges for possible future collaborations.


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