Two Architecture Students of Epoka University Participated in “The Best in Heritage” Conference

December 12th, 2011

Two Architecture Students of Epoka University Participated in “The Best in Heritage” Conference

Two Architecture Students of Epoka University Participated in “The Best in Heritage” Conference

Kujtime Barushi and Brixhita Deda, two fourth year Architecture students participated to “The Best in Heritage” Conference, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This conference was organized in partnership with EuropaNostra. It is the world’s annual survey of awarded heritage museum and conservation projects.

27 projects were presented by experienced veterans and ambitious, creative newcomers from the converging variety of professions in the field of heritage, approved by a national or international award. Every presentation was followed by a short discussion involving moderator and the participants. Presentations were structured is such a way as to produce the most usable picture of experience of the awarded project and its protagonists.

The objective of this international event is not to evaluate, nor give prizes or awards but presenting what is the best and offer participants to see and hear about museums, galleries, visitor attractions as well as about conservation and exhibition centers.

Another purpose of this meeting is to offer the abundance of excellent information and the opportunity to create stable, productive professional associations and friendships in the unique atmosphere of medieval and Renaissance Dubrovnik.

Unlike the usual specialist conferences, ‘The Best in Heritage’ is an event composed of different experiences within all-inclusive approach. The City of Dubrovnik, itself a World Heritage Site is sensitive to heritage and recognized the event by its high patronage. It is however the patronage of the world's museum organizations (ICOM), UNESCO (Venice office), ICOMOS, Europa Nostra, that recommends it best to the future participants.  

"We applied to this conference during August, and we were accepted very kindly as guests. We found it very fruitful, not only because of the warming environment it offered but also for the great possibility of sharing ideas with excellence worldwide participants", said Kujtime and Brixhita.

The thematic subject was ‘The Museum ‘, shown in different perceiving views and integration with places, spaces and communities.

According to the students "this ‘battle’ of reviving objects with different programs was very inspiring for our Albanian national heritage, which nowadays is in difficult situation. It came out the obstacles that day after day, experts encounter with the attraction of visitors to these museums and the way they maintain alive the interest of mass by adding specific educative entertaining but also training and volunteer contribution programs in restoring these cultural and monumental values".

Each conference project had it specific feature, and changed the development and social progress around the region it was designated. The most special project was evaluated the ‘Museum of abortion and contraception ‘, which was not even curated by museum experts, but has a genius idea. Among others, were the museum of war, the museum of puppets, and “the museum of the letters of Van Gogh”.  

The students had the great opportunity to discuss with the organization members and find out how they carry on this initiative and the success they have achieved till then.   


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