The Key to Success 5.0

November 11th, 2017

The Key to Success 5.0

The Key to Success 5.0

On November 8th, the Innovators student club had their first guest for the ""The Key to Success"" Seminars, Mr. Ervin Kalemi, CEO, Founder and Developer of Publer.  Mr. Kalemi talked about his application Publer, the virtual superhero that manages social media, how he got the idea and what it took to develop it. He also shared some stories about his life, challenges he has faced and how he managed to overcome them. Even though he was working as a programmer in USA in one of the best startups nowadays, Mr. Kalemi decided to go after his dream, that of creating his own innovative business. Even though many people did not believe in his vision, this did not stop him from working day and night to create Publer.
He then answered many questions the students had and advised them about the “after university” life. 
Mr. Kalemi was delighted and even nostalgic to be back to university, since according to him, this is one of the best periods in one's life and he advised us to make the best out of it.


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