The Forum of PIR Department, a New Tradition at Epoka University

January 21st, 2012

The Forum of PIR Department, a New Tradition at Epoka University

The Forum of PIR Department, a New Tradition at Epoka University

At six o clock P.M. of Wednesday, December 21, 2011 the street in front of the Friend’s Book House, in the center of Tirana, was enlivened by an unusual bustle.

Young ladies and boys, and distinguished gentlemen, were entering in the coffee. Was it a coincidence that all those people seek relief from the biting cold in the same place?

Of course not. That evening the Epoka University had organized the first of a series of meetings in which teachers, students and master students could meet and chat on various topics deepening themes in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

The room furnished with taste and sobriety recalls places of other times when great minds met in front of a hot drink, reading the newspaper and talking amiably about how to interpret their own age and make a mark in the future.

In the coffee the books that fill the shelves all around the room give the environment a delicate but unmistakable scent that only printed and bound paper emits and the eyes flying over the most disparate titles goads the mind to open and to work.

The sofas in soft purple remind Parisian bistros where once upon a time matured the ideals of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

The colors are reminiscent of the eighteenth century Italian café where Cavour, sipping coffee, planned to donate the unit to the State.

The rustic wooden tables recall English pubs where probably even Churchill sat, rehearsing his speeches that once pronounced would have moved people, addressed nations and filled history books.

It is in an environment so full of exciting details that an idea born in some colleges across the Channel and recommended by Dr. Salih Ozcan and Dr. Bekir Cinar, has been delivered also thanks to the enthusiasm with which it was received by forth year students.

The first meeting was a positive beginning of a season of forums and debates.

Master students are left to animate the roundtables by proposing topical issues, analysis of subjects of study, critical readings of political events; professors and lecturers that will participate are responsible to enrich the exposition with their suggestions and opinions and students from all the years are expected to open a debate, discuss the themes, ask questions and share perceptions.

This is the purpose of the Initiative of the Political science department.

The academic environment had been since the ancient Greece, and must continue to be, a space of interactive share of knowledge, of building of ideas and of free speaking and expression.

We are aware of the great potentiality of such initiatives and with proud and good will we are sailing for this adventure, this will be our logbook and we will be happy if you will become our reader and travel companions.

Professor Ismail Hakki Soygenis will be presenting "Lessons Learned: The War on Terror" at the next Department Forum.  More information to follow.

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