The Dilemmas between Political and Academic Ethics

December 6th, 2014

The Dilemmas between Political and Academic Ethics

The Dilemmas between Political and Academic Ethics

Conflict Resolution Club and Academics Club organized an open forum on ‘The Dilemmas between Political and Academic Ethics’. The purpose of this forum was to introduce students with some of the main ethical dilemmas in political and academic life from the perspective of the Honor Guest Dr. Grida Duma as a figure of both political and academic life in Albania. Dr. Grida Duma is both a lecturer and also has held the position of the Deputy-Minister of Integration of Albania and recently is the General Secretary for Public Relations of the Democratic Party of Albania.
The forum was developed on a question and answer format where Dr. Grida Duma welcomed the questions of students and staff of Epoka University. Dr. Grida Duma expressed her personal experience and opinions regarding the topic of the forum by highlighting the reasons behind her decision as an academician to enter politics; her main dilemmas and challenges in her way from academia to politics; and the problems in the integration of these spheres with each other.
‘There is no ethics in politics’ according to Dr. Grida Duma, and this has been one of her main challenges in entering politics. She claimed that you cannot act and speak like an academician in politics since you have to use a language that can be understand from all levels of the society.   
After the forum Dr. Grida Duma had a meeting with Assist. Prof. Dr. Salih Ozcan, the head of the Political Science and International Relations department, where she expressed her considerations towards Epoka University and they discussed about future activities and cooperation.


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