Summer Internship 2014

September 11th, 2014

Summer Internship 2014

Summer Internship 2014

In line with academic enhancement and successes Epoka University is always concerned with Summer practical internships which help students to improve and progress their theoretical part learned during the year.

This year also as it has been a tradition for university 30 students of 2nd and 3rd year have been part of Turkish internship program. From 1st  July  to 31st of August students have successfully completed their internships in two different groups. Turkish companies have opened the doors for excellent Epoka students and students have exceeded their expectations with qualitative skills and they have highly appreciated the ambition and eager of the students to learn and absorb information.

Companies that have worked with our students are very prestigious firms of Turkey; Asia Bank, Fermanoglu Corporation and Tolkim which are architecture companies and Surrat which is a technological/IT company. These companies are contractors of our university and have expressed their willingness to enhance the corporation with Epoka University which is continuously progressing and producing very qualitative students.

This is a tradition that is planned to be part of the culture of University and is going to be widen in all European countries.

 Lorela Manjani 

Academic success matters, but achievement in the “real –world” is really more important when after graduation you are looking for a full-time job. Through an internship you get a chance to learn what it is really like to work in a company, in an industry and in various job functions. This summer I was part of an internship program offered by Epoka University. I did my internship at headquarter in “Bank Asya” in Istanbul, Turkey.For all 3 weeks I visited different portfolios and sub-departments in case to see what really is to have the theory I have learned in 3 years in practice and also I saw howtask/projects are managed  and what it matters most how to behave in a professional environment.  I learned also from the staff by teaching me and by observing mostly their positive work. As conclusion, through this internship I gain clarity on my strengths, weaknesses and interests. I am thankful to Career Planning Office and I would definitely suggest to everyone this internship experience.

Laert Velia

Doing my internship in Turkey was beneficial both in a cultural and professional way. Working under a big company as Sürat Bilişim and learning the ways of work and many new things from professionals that have been working for many years there has been one of the greatest experiences that I have taken in my life. As a student intern, I was surrounded by professionals that I was seeking access to. It was an opportunity to learn from everyone around me. The specific techniques that I have learned in classroom, I was able to test it out in the world of work. This kind of experience are given once in lifetime, and I’m thankful to Career Planning Office that helped me to realize.

Sidita Reshketa 
Having the chance to be an intern  in one of the most prestigious banks in Turkey ,  is one of the best opportunities that any banking student could get , having to work with professional staff and be treated as one is the best experience. It develops your self confidence and your perspective. It helps you to build step by step your future , grows you professionally,  stimulates  critical thinking  , encourages team work , trains your flexibility and improves your knowledge.
"Asya Bank " was the perfect combination of all above mentioned advantages.  The professional and friendly staff created the most suitable conditions to make the exchange of knowledge  a part of my own ability, creating the internal circulation of interns by changing every week the department , helped me understand the whole mechanism of banking sector not only as an observer , student or client but also as a participant and staff. 
Thank  you very much Epoka University for the golden opportunity and " Asya Bank " for the fruitful experience.

Rexhina Blloshmi
An expression says: Practice makes you perfect. I say the right practice in the right place and with the right people is what makes you perfect. As a student of Epoka University, I was given the opportunity to work as an intern at Bank Asya Istanbul, Turkey. Being a Business Informatics student, working at the IT department of a bank is an appropriate combination of how computer skills are related to economic skills. I was able to see how a bank system works, what kind of softwares they were using and also building a simple program using C# about bank functionalities. C# was a new programming language for me and thanks to wonderful guidance of Fadime Çakīr, learning it became so easy and interesting. I cannot close this without mentioning the comfortable working environment and friendliness of all workers. I would advise all students to take this opportunity our university offers.




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