Student Clubs Office organized the "Sports and Games Day"

April 4th, 2017

Student Clubs Office organized the

Student Clubs Office organized the "Sports and Games Day"

On March 30, 2017, Student Clubs Office organized the "Sports and Games Day" at Epoka University. The entire day was filled with various activities, where lots of students from every department participated.
Students had the opportunity to play several games and apart from having a different and entertaining day they also socialised more with each other. The main purpose of the Sports and Games day was to offer students a day filled with activities that would make them feel more motivated for their studies. 
There were eleven games part of this activity during the entire day. Firstly, the event started with ping pong and chess championships where students competed among themselves. Then, the volleyball, basketball and football matches took place among teams composed of students from different departments. 
One of the most interesting games that drew many students’ attention was be water balloon game. Although a classic game, egg and spoon race was modified by the students playing it in their special way. Other games were sock races, jenga and monopoly. 
The Sports and Games Day turned out to be a successful idea that gathered many students and provided them with a creative day at Epoka University.


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