Signing a Memorandum with EADA Business School

November 13th, 2014

Signing a Memorandum with EADA Business School

Signing a Memorandum with EADA Business School

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with EADA Business School. Faculty members, Prof. Dr. Güngör Turan (Dean of Faculty), Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Uc ( Vice_Dean and Head of Business Administration department), Assist. Prof. Dr. Urmat Ryskulov (Head of Banking and Finance department) visited and participated the ceremony at the Eada Business School of Barcelona; Spain. The visit took place at the Eada Business School campus on the 31st of October 2014.

Apart from what is included in details of Memorandum of Understanding signed between the parties:

Executive Education: An executive education is the program offered to people who do work in different fields in the market. It gives an opportunity for the executives to be trained and educated within the framework of program offered by the EADA. The similar program is appropriate to be conducted at EPOKA University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences for the Professional Master Students. The program can cover usual course of the PM curricula, while some courses will be taught by the EADA. The PM students are subject to take two modules by the EADA business School, which consist of 36 hours of each module. One of the modules will be delivered by EADA staff at EPOKA premises while the second module will be delivered at EADA premises. The rest hours to be covered in the PM curricula will be delivered by the EPOKA. Within the framework of this program the PM students will be able to have the diploma from both EPOKA and EADA.

EPASS: Is the accreditation reward given to the specific disciplines which last between three to five years. In this panel the Associate Dean Jordi Diaz and Associate Director of International Degree Programs A. Munoz was present together with Faculty representatives. In the panel we have discussed the about the departments which FEAS willing to take and EPASS reward. FEAS presented Banking and Finance and Business Department’s bachelor’s degrees for the EPASS reward. In the panel we have discussed the requirements of the EPASS for the evaluation, in which it requires to be a member for EFMD which is an institution that rewards the accreditation. The panel was interesting with wide information of EPASS and qualification of our departments to get rewarded by EFMD. During the panel the SWOT analysis of our departments was conducted. In this regard, Associate Dean, Jordi Diaz will assist FEAS to strengthen the weak points of our departments

Conference: both parties are open to collaborate through the conference as well. The conference will be hosted by FEAS, EPOKA University while the EADA Business School will assist us on review of the papers, scientific committee and on the publication of the papers in the indexed journals.


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