Second Career Fair, a successful event of Epoka University

April 22nd, 2015

Second Career Fair, a successful event of Epoka University

Second Career Fair, a successful event of Epoka University

Epoka University organized the Second Career Fair on April 21, 2015, an activity which offered employment opportunities to last-year students, orienting and supporting these students in their first steps for a successful career. More than 50 companies from Albania and the regional marketplace supported the Second Career Fair. Students from 11 different academic programs offered by Epoka University expanded their network, conducted job interviews with the Human Resource representatives of these companies and recognized the employment possibilities in the labor market as well as internship opportunities. 
Addressing the audience at the beginning of the ceremony, the Secretary General of Epoka University, Mr. Ismail AŞAN welcomed the participants to the fair stating that the organization of the Second Career Fair presents everyone involved with multiple opportunities; for employers to seek potential employees especially among senior students, for students to explore the market and attain a better understanding of job opportunities and requirements and particularly for graduating students to market themselves and ‘seal the deals’. “We at Epoka University are proud about the achievements of the generations graduated from our University. 90% of our graduates are currently employed or continue their Master’s and PhD studies in Albania and abroad. But at the same time, we are well aware of the challenges that face our graduates in the local job market, but also beyond. It is crucial that our students acquire practical knowledge that can be easily applied as well as soft skills such as communication, work-in-group and critical thinking abilities. These skills are crucial for a successful career”, Mr. AŞAN noted.
According to Mr. AŞAN, universities have the mission of educating and raising students to higher levels of competence by providing the necessary skills for the job market and ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills required at the workplace by providing the networking opportunities. “It is for this reason for second year we are organizing of the Career Fair open to all our students and alumni”, Mr. AŞAN noted.
The Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Erion Veliaj, in his speech emphasized the fact that one’s capacity to do something does matter a lot more than the last name of the family. “I am very happy that fairs like this illustrate why we go to school, why do we study, why do we work hard. And I think we took very important but difficult decisions in the past two years. I know my colleagues in the Ministry of Education had to decide to close some universities. It was very painful, because it includes people and people’s lives, and people’s investments. But I think we made the right choice, a difficult but the right choice. And I think that the universities that remain, including Epoka and a few others are the ones that really could stand up with quality, really could stand up for a diploma that had market value.”, Mr. Veliaj said. He also noted that the presence of many companies in the Career Fair is attributed to the value of education that the students gain at Epoka as well. Mr. Veliaj thanked Epoka for the invitation, and stressed out how proud he was to have many Epoka students not only in his staff as Minister, but also in his campaign for Tirana’s next mayor. “I am a first time witness, first hand witness of the great quality of students you have in this university, so I pay all my respects”, said the minister at the end of his speech.
The Director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Nikolin JAKA, stressed the importance of a proper education and qualification to the enterpreneurship. “It is extremely important to us that you be apt to the private entrepreneurship. Today, in the global economy, the human capital composes 85% of the success of a private entrepreneurship. And the one you are facing today is one of your greatest responsibilities”, Mr. Jaka noted.
The HR Senior Manager of Deloitte Albania and Kosova, Mr. Roden Pajaj, thanked Epoka University for organizing this event. He emphasized the fact that the cooperation between Epoka and Deloitte has been evolving within the last eight months, by turning into a real partnership. “Till now we have hired three fresh graduates from this university in the last eight months, we have tested 29 of them, and five of them are in our pipeline of talents waiting for future opportunities in working with Deloitte”, said Mr. Pajaj.
Mr. Samer El Sheikh, CEO of HRC Group in Abu Dhabi, followed with his speech. He was very enthusiastic about the Albanian youth and their skills in different professions. He expressed the willing to cooperate with Epoka University in the recruitment of more than 40 engineers, 50 inspectors, and employees in other fields, to join UAE and Qatar’s biggest construction companies, whom they have recently signed contracts with.
The Secretary General of Epoka University, Mr. Ismail AŞAN, the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Erion Veliaj, the Director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Nikolin JAKA and other participants in this Career Fair visited the stands of the companies and discussed with them about the opportunities that they provide for graduating students and at the same time, they had the chance to discuss with the students about their future career plans.
The Career Fair is one of the most important events organized by Epoka University and it is a result of the serious work carried out by the Career Planning and Alumni Office, which have the mission of assisting and orienting students in their job-seeking as well as other extracurricular activities.


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