Research on Destination Branding in Balkans

October 30th, 2017

Research on Destination Branding in Balkans

Research on Destination Branding in Balkans

In a recently published article, Prof Dr Teoman Duman and two of his doctoral students analyzed destination brand equity for Sarajevo brand. Coming from turbulent times, Sarajevo enhanced its image as a tourist destination and attracted increasing number of tourists in recent years. In this study, researchers analyzed visitors` attitudinal and emotional perspectives of Sarajevo brand and found that Sarajevo brand is perceived to be an emotionally strong brand. Research study analyzed perspectives of  479 visitors from 45 countries and asked a number of questions regarding Sarajevo as a tourist destination. Findings of the research indicated two sides of Sarajevo image where the city was found to be weak on infrastructural aspects whereas it was found to be very strong on psychological aspects. Research findings indicated marketing strategies for city marketers to focus on tourist - community relationships as much as traditional advertising themes. This research is a pioneer to analyze Sarajevo as a destination brand in recent years. 

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