Representatives of Epoka University participate at the Second Consultative Meeting on the Albanian Draft-Strategy on Higher Education (2014-2020)

March 9th, 2013

The Rector of Epoka University, Prof. Dr. Remzi Altın, accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Prof. Dr. Güngör Turan and the Head of the Rector’s Cabinet, Mr. Niuton Mulleti participated at the Second Consultative Meeting on the Albanian Draft-Strategy on Higher Education (2014-2020), which was held on March 8, 2013, at Tirana International Hotel with a wide participation from almost all public and private universities in the country.

The Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Dr. Myqerem Tafaj, delivered a presentation focusing on the elaboration of the most important elements of the four strategic priorities of the Draft-Strategy on Higher Education (2014-2020), which represents a key document on the development of the Albanian higher education system in the forthcoming years. These priorities are as follows:

1. Quality improvement and the orientation of university studies towards the labour market needs;
2. Specialization and differentiation of higher education institutions in compliance with the necessities of the economic development of the country;
3. Optimisation of the financial resources invested in the higher education system at a national level;
4. Consolidation of the management of the higher education system by combining autonomy-accountability with good governance.

Mr. Quentin Thompson, an internationally recognised expert on strategy, policy and the management of higher education and who has also acted as an external advisor to the preparation of the Draft-Strategy, shared with the participants his main views on the challenges facing universities nowadays. In his presentation, Mr. Thompson emphasised the importance of raising students able to cope with the work requirements of a rapidly changing environment in the 21st century. He stated that universities should aim at preparing graduates who have good capacities of critical thinking, problem solving and work in group. This is a difficult process not only for Albania but also for almost every country in the world since it necessitates a change in the teaching methods and style, shifting from the focus on the mere transfer of facts to an interactive teaching process where students are actively engaged. At the end of his presentation, Mr. Thompson also stressed the importance that universities should attach to the “third mission”, i.e. contribution to the economic development of their country and region.

The Meeting continued with a fruitful exchange of views and opinions between the Minister, Mr. Thompson and University representatives on the essential elements of the Draft-Strategy.


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