Pranvera Latifi, our honor student participated in International Finance Conference in Munich

October 4th, 2012

Pranvera Latifi, our honor student participated in International Finance Conference in Munich

Pranvera Latifi, our honor student participated in International Finance Conference in Munich


On August 16-17th 2012, 30 selected professionals from 15 different countries gathered in Munich, Germany for The Symposium of JOBETOC - The Journal of Business and Economics in Times of Crisis. Pranvera Latifi, the best Banking and Finance student graduated this year from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Epoka University, participated in this conference presenting her Bachelor Thesis “Lehman Brothers’ rise and fall: from heroes to dust”.

The conference was organized by Lupcon Center for Business Research, a German organization facilitating the exchange between academia and business. While today’s world is recovering from the recent financial crisis caused by the mortgage market collapse of USA in 2008, academia is trying to understand the very root of the crisis and the reasons why some companies were more affected than others even in the same industry, what have they done well or poorly, what has been the role of policymakers in aggravating crisis and lastly, how can companies anticipate a future crisis. These were some of the basic questions that were discussed during the conference where prominent speakers from international universities and research centers  joined the discussions and shared ideas such as : Southern Illinois University - USA, Cape Peninsula University of Technology - South Africa, Griffith University - Australia, Fachhoschschule Pforzheim University - Germany, Charles University - Czech Republic, Dorodnicyn Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Russia, Kozminsksi University - Poland, University of Galati - Romania, Eastern Mediterranean University - Cyprus etc. 

“It has been tremendously valuable and worthwhile to attend this event. The conference was very challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I was happy when I received the positive response by December 2011 that my paper was accepted. Yet I could not have imagined that my participation in Munich would ever come true. While I was rejecting the conference’s letter of invitation due to lack of financial resources, LUPCON’s director, Mr. Wolf encouraged me to not give up and soon they offered me a scholarship to cover the conference registration fee of 350 euro. The perceptions did even surpass my expectations when in the conference’s days I realized I was the only accepted student with a Bachelor degree among all those experienced researchers and brilliant professors. This international exposure and experience was very stimulating and inspiring. I received good feedback from all professors and further invitations. The discussions that have taken place, the presentations that have been made, the questions that have been answered and addressed have revealed a passion on me, have revealed a sense of urgency that education and research should move me forward.”- says Pranvera.

While Mrs. Latifi future career is related to academia research and recently she has been awarded a Master in Finance Scholarship by Turkish Government, Epoka University feels proud for assisting the education of young talented students, who have chosen it.


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