Ornela Lalaj, a master graduate of Epoka University is awarded the TUBITAK Scholarship

June 4th, 2014

Ornela Lalaj graduated from Epoka University in the year of 2012–2013, having finished with the good results for five consecutive years. Her journey started with a scholarship in Epoka University, so a same successful continuation was to be expected. After all, she set strong grounds for her future.

“The most notable thing about Epoka University” – she says – “is the perspective provided for its students. Instead of trying to keep us tied up, we are encouraged to take all the knowledge gained and fly as high as we can. I am a clear example of the great help provided by the university and professors to its students. I was strongly and persistently encouraged to follow my ambitions and not worry about the rest. After all, I had a lot of people supporting me from behind the scene.

“After master graduation, Ornela was encouraged to study PhD and is introduced to Katip Celebi University. There she found a warm, welcoming environment and highly qualified staff. But professors did much more than lecturing. They provided support and sound advices as well. This is how she was able to apply and be awarded for Tubitak scholarship for graduate international students. Ornela states that she wasn’t expecting to win. After all, Tubitak applicants are known to be very competitive. However, be it luck, hard work, support, a good strategy or a combination of all the above, the fact remains that yet another Epoka student has been successful in pursuing her ambitions.


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