Open Forum, Shpėtim Nazarko: National strategies that can lead to success

December 11th, 2012

Open Forum, Shpėtim Nazarko: National strategies that can lead to success

Open Forum, Shpėtim Nazarko: National strategies that can lead to success

Political Analyst and well-known journalist Shpëtim Nazarko, conducted on December 11, 2012, an Open forum with the students of Epoka University, discussing with them issues related to National Strategies that can lead to success and especially to Albanian national strategies.

Mr. Nazarko stated during his discussion that Albania does not have a clear national strategy and that it should build a strategy based on clear concepts and principles. Mr. Nazarko added that in the absence of clear strategies, Albania will continue to have problems with its economic transition without being able to break away from the lengthy transition. “In the absence of a clear national vision and strategy, Albania will continue to have problems in the future," said Nazarko.

Emphasizing the fact developing national strategies is a necessity; Mr. Nazarko said that universities have a very important role in this process. He mentioned that universities and their curricula should be categorized according to the national strategies that will be developed in the future.

Referring to post-communist 15-year period, Mr. Nazarko stated that compared to the communism, no strategy has evolved and nothing has changed. Albania keeps having the same problems and there is no clear national strategy. According to Mr. Nazarko, Albania suffers from the lack of a clear national strategy, which would push the country towards development and prosperity.

He supports the idea that in 20 years nothing has been done in this context and that regardless of the projects implemented but not finished the country has failed to benefit from the geographical position of being a transit country in the Balkan region. He stated that strategy should be associated with the development of two important natural sectors in Albania, agriculture and farming, which has been a historical potential of Albania.

Mr. Shpëtim Nazako also answered the questions addressed to him by students and at the end he thanked students and the staff for the hospitality.


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