Open Forum, Mr. Gunther Fehlinger: It is time for Balkan Benelux, now!

November 8th, 2013

Open Forum, Mr. Gunther Fehlinger: It is time for Balkan Benelux, now!

Open Forum, Mr. Gunther Fehlinger: It is time for Balkan Benelux, now!

This was the exact words said by Gunther Fehlinger in the open forum organized from Conflict Resolution Club at Epoka University on November 6th at the Conference hall. Mr. Fehlinger, as Chairman of Europeans for Tax Reform, proposed his ideas for the measurements that should be taken from the Albanian society for the improvement of the economic situation.

The Austrian Chairman proposed that the Albanian market should be more concentrated in the economic growth not in the redistribution. The economic growth will produce more jobs, prosperity and then revenue which allow improving the situation in Albania. According to him, the flat tax has been the central element and reason for investors to come and the government should keep this tax 10%. Albania should undertake these measurements in order to be competitive to its regional peers like Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro for the attraction of the foreign investors.

Although  Mr. Fehlinger highlighted the strength of the collaboration between these countries. Hi said that this can be achieved by encouraging the import-export and to create a new partnership. According to him, this was the best solution thought by the European Union till now to anticipate their membership in UE. Even though the economic crises reached this countries in an unfortunate moment, just at the end of the first decade of reconstruction, there is always the opportunity to create a common market between these countries. Mr. Gunther Fehlinger stressed that this kind of cooperation has been successful for the Benelux countries (Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg) and why not even for the Balkan countries?

The topic grabbed the audience attention. The questions made by students were numerous.  Mr. Fehlinger himself said:” The debate, the questions and the proposals made by students are a proof for the education quality of Epoka University. It is obvious that you are doing a great job with your students”.

This was the first time for him to visit the Epoka Campus and he was felt really honored for the invitation made from Conflict Resolution Club. Mr. Fehlinger congratulated the club and their work and promised his support for the upcoming club events. His visit at Epoka University was the first stop in Albania meanwhile his agenda includes many stops in different cities of Balkan.


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