Open Forum, Employment Opportunities and your Bank Requirements

May 16th, 2013

Open Forum, Employment Opportunities and your Bank Requirements

Open Forum, Employment Opportunities and your Bank Requirements

A group from ProCredit Bank, led by Mr. Elert Stoja- Head of Training and Staff Development Department, discussed on May 16, 2013 with the students of Banking and Finance Department about the working opportunities at their bank. 

Mr. Stoja started his discussion with a short presentation of why someone should choose to work for ProCredit Bank and the ways to become an employee of their bank. For ProCredit Bank employees, applying responsible standards and principles is not just a way of working: it is a way of life. They are offering more than a job: they are providing an opportunity to become part of an ethical institution focused on responsible banking. The only entry point to ProCredit Bank is the Young Bankers Programme. After introducing this program, a short movie explaining this program was watched.

The Young Bankers Programme is a comprehensive development training programme for recent graduates from universities or other higher education institutions, as well as for qualified professionals. This programme provides a unique opportunity for the participants and for ProCredit to gauge whether the candidates' skills and personal qualities fit with the special "ProCredit way of working".  During a six-month period, participants take dynamic and interactive courses which are characterised by open discussions. The programme also includes project and group work, followed by practical exercises and travel to locations around the country. Full attendance during the entire programme is mandatory. There is a strong possibility that participants who successfully complete the course will be offered permanent employment with ProCredit Bank Albania.