Mr. Jakup Krasniqi - International Agreements & Kosovo

March 23rd, 2013

Mr. Jakup Krasniqi - International Agreements & Kosovo

Mr. Jakup Krasniqi - International Agreements & Kosovo

The Speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo, Mr. Jakup Krasniqi visited on March 21, 2013 Epoka University and had an open forum with the students on the topic of “International Agreements and Kosovo State-Building Process”. During his visit Mr. Krasniqi was welcomed by the Rector of Epoka University, Prof. Dr. Remzi Altin, whom thanked Mr. Krasniqi for accepting the invitation to discuss with students and also presented him with achievements and success of Epoka University during these years.

During his discussion with the students, Mr. Krasniqi presented the most important moments of efforts of Kosovo people in their road of Independence and building of Kosovo state. Referring to effort of the last 100 years, he noted that the Conference of Ambassadors in London on 1913 was a disaster of the efforts of the Kosovo’s people for their independence. He recalled that even Sir Eduard Grey’s was not convinced that the Conference would bring peace in Balkans and Europe. He said that despite the efforts and continuous war of Serbian structures in Kosovo, including their efforts to destroy UÇK, they couldn’t destroy Albanians efforts for Independence.

During the second part of his discussion, the speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo mentioned the efforts for the Kosovo institutions building process and international recognition of Kosovo Independence. Referring to the meetings between Pristine and Beograd, Mr. Krasniqi stated that these meetings between the Prime-Minister of Kosovo and Serbia are proof of facts that first of all these are politics but not in equal conditions. According to Mr. Krasniqi discussions between Kosovo and Serbia are an obligation for changing the rapports between two countries. Ne noted that Kosovo is interested to change its rapports with Serbia but also with Balkans countries. Referring to the history Mr. Krasniqi adding that without a balance between 4 pillars: Albanians, Serbs, Bulgarians and Greeks a stable peace in region is not possible.

When the students asked Mr. Krasniqi, if Kosovo should use the card of national union of Albanians, in negotiations with the EU and Serbia as a balance that Serbians are using the issue of Kosovo’s independence on its negotiations with EU and the International factor, Mr. Krasniqi answered that the rapports between Kosovo and international community and European Union and the rapports of Serbia with international community and European Union should not be considered as similar. Mr. Krasniqi noted that this card cannot be used by Kosovo authorities. “We have built our state in 21 century, while they built on 19 century. The criteria in our case are different and these criteria are an obstacle in the state building of Kosovo. These positions are not equal. Kosovo is in a weaker position. We have been consistent on our relationships with international community and have accepted the agreement of Ahtisari package, But, it should be highlighted the fact that the veto of Russia has made our position difficult”, Mr. Krasniqi noted.  He stated that in the negotiation with Serbia, Kosovo authorities could have used the card of human rights of Albanians living in Presheva, Medvegje and Bujanoc. ”I think that we couldn’t use this card as our positions are not equal. The position of Serbia in the north of Mitrovica is different comparing with our position there”, Mr. Krasniqi said. Taking into consideration the minority rights Mr. Krasniqi said that the Serbian community living in Kosovo results to be more respected comparing with other minorities living in different countries of Europe.

Meanwhile, regarding the decision of Ministry of Education of Kosovo for not acknowledging the diplomas of Albanian private universities, Mr.Krasniqi noted that he was not aware of the reasons of this decision and he personally is against such decision. “Personally I support the thesis of national union of market meaning not only the text of “Abetare”, because it is commune but in other aspects. We all have learned and learn 36 letters of alphabet. The education in Albania should be unified in all Albanian territory including the acknowledgement of diplomas”, Mr. Krasniqi said.

In the end of discussion with students of Epoka University, Mr. Krasniqi highlighted the fact that the road of integration is important for Albanians. “Albanians can’t anything from integration road. They will lose if they resign from integration”, Mr. Krasniqi concluded.


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