Mr. Auron Tare participates at the Open Forum with Epoka University students

March 27th, 2014

Mr. Auron Tare participates at the Open Forum with Epoka University students

Mr. Auron Tare participates at the Open Forum with Epoka University students

On March 26, 2013, Mr. Auron Tare participated at the Open Forum with Epoka University students, organized by the Politics & Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution and Art & Culture Student Clubs, which dealt with the activities carried out at Albanian sea waters on the excavation of submerged and buried ships and the new evidence that they bring regarding Albanian history.

During his presentation, Mr. Tare particularly focused on new evidence provided by the excavation of HMS Volage, which was one of the military ships of the British Royal Navy that was mined during the Corfu Channel incident of 1946, which represented one of the early episodes of the Cold War. Based on the observations conducted on HMS Volage as well as unclassified documents from British archives, Mr. Tare stated that there is serious evidence that the military ships belonging to the Royal Navy had most probably been part of a military mission to embark on the Albanian city of Saranda as a retaliation to the support that the Communist regime in Albania was providing to the Greek Communists during the Greek Civil War. Mr. Tare noted that the aim of this mission was not the occupation of a part of Albanian territory but the forcing of the Albanian Communist regime to withdraw its support for the Greek Communists.

Mr. Tare concluded by stating that such evidence would show that the British Royal Navy had been engaged in a military mission during its passage through the Corfu Channel and as such, it could not make use of the right of innocent passage stipulated by international law, which served as the main ground for the decision by the International Court of Justice in favour of the United Kingdom against Albania in the Corfu Channel Case.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Tare encouraged the students of Epoka University to be engaged in further excavation activities to be conducted in Albanian sea waters so as to be able to learn more about the marvellous geographical and historical heritage of Albania.

The Open Forum continued with a Q&A session with the participating students and staff members. Currently, Mr. Tare serves as the Head of the recently established Albanian Coastline Agency.


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