“Liberal Democracy and Political Islam in Albania” discussed at PIR Forum

May 9th, 2012

“Liberal Democracy and Political Islam in Albania” discussed at PIR Forum

“Liberal Democracy and Political Islam in Albania” discussed at PIR Forum

The weekly meeting of students and professors from Political Science and International Relations department of Epoka University that takes place at the library “E Për7shme”.

During the meeting of Wednesday, May 9, Mrs. Elisa Gonzalez, second year master’s student presented the topic of her degree theme.

The dissertation was about “Liberal Democracy and Political Islam in Albania”. The work is collocate within the international debate on the compatibility of this two “way of being” that often have been opposed and used as tools to create fear and hate between societies and populations. And it has the objective to find a possible solution undertaking the Albanian situation as a possible third way in order to overcome an old-aged impasse.

The presentation was organized into two main parts that it is possible to summarize in two man assumptions: conceptualization and clarity of main terms in order to avoid misunderstandings and dispel stereotypes; analysis of the Albanian case both compared to the general background and with the Balkan context.

The presentation was only about a draft, but it clarified several concepts: what is Political Islam and what have been its main trends; what is the general perception of democracy within the main Muslim populations; why democracy must not be understood as a static concept; what are the mainstays of the Balkan Islam and finally what are the peculiarities of the Albanian Islam, and the perception of the people in the country.

After the speech of Mrs. Elisa some other students intervene asking clarification and making comments so that a vibrant academic debate began proving the interest of our students about intellectually stimulating topics. The meeting was closed by the contribution of Prof. Ismail Soygenis, Prof. Bekir Cinar and Prof. Salih Ozcan that made their constructive critic to the presented research and gave their advice for a best completion of the thesis.

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