LEAP Summit Albania

February 2nd, 2018

LEAP Summit Albania

LEAP Summit Albania

Innovators Club in collaboration with Leadership Development Association organization held on January 31 LEAP Summit Albania. 
LEAP is a global movement firstly created in Zagreb Croatia, which influences more than 100.000 people world-wide.
LEAP Summit Albania hosted 6 speakers who held motivational speeches based on their true life experience, making each participant go in retrospective with them in order to witness their struggles, crossroads, and their hard work which eventually led to their personal success. The speakers were well-known individuals which have succeeded in areas of business, politics, entrepreneurship etc. 
The first speaker was CEO of American Hospital Mr. Klodian Allajbeu. He shared with the audience the struggles he had to overcome in order to build his hospital in Albania. Some advice that he shared with us was to be decent human beings and to always think at the end of the day “What did I achieve today? What did I do to improve myself?”
The second speaker was the councilor of Presevo Municipality, Mr. Almin Shaqiri. He shared with us the challenges that Albanians living in Kosovo, especially in Presevo, were facing daily due to nationality discrimination.
The next speaker was Mr. Adion Gorani who talked about his business WebHost and what he had to do to make it a successful business like it is nowadays. WebHost LTD nowadays is a leading domain name registrar and web hosting company. Today, WebHost has over 6,000 clients and manages over 7,000 domains.
Another speaker was Ermal Jauri, CEO of Europe Agency, who was giving advice on job opportunities that youngsters had nowadays. Even though according to him, young people today don’t have courage to pursue their dreams as they should.  As he said, “No door opens unless you knock on it.”
The youngest guest was Kastriot Luma, Leader of Youth Assembly of Kosovo. He shared with us his experiences on volunteering organizations and how they developed him as a person. 
The last but not least, was Prof. Erion Nako, Expert in TIK and Telecommunication and also the Management Information System professor in the previous year in Epoka university, talked about digital transformations and innovation, topics that affectsour life daily. His knowledge fascinated the audience, since the information was given in a simple, straightforward and understandable way and sometimes even by including some humor which made the audience feel more relaxed.


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