Jurida Ēeka, Epoka Graduate, Shares about Experience at Goethe University

November 15th, 2017

Jurida Ēeka, Epoka Graduate, Shares about Experience at Goethe University

Jurida Ēeka, Epoka Graduate, Shares about Experience at Goethe University

Jurida Çeka graduated from the Economics Department at Epoka University in 2017 and is now studying at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. She was one of a select number of 45 students out of over 1,200 applicants accepted into the competitive Master of Science in International Management program at Goethe University. Within that program Jurida is specializing in Finance.

In the following excerpt, Jurida shares about the Master’s program at Goethe University:

The master’s program that I have selected, International Management, is quite interesting and ambitious. I decided to challenge myself in this regard. It gives students the chance to specialise in one of 4 different branches, Finance, Managerial Economics, Marketing or Information Management, all with a focus on the international dimension. It was the most sought-after program in the department, as only 45 individuals were accepted into the program in 2017 out of 1,270 applicants; thus I am a lucky one.  This program also gives students the opportunity to select all courses themselves: there are no mandatory courses at all, thus students are free to choose the courses they think will be most beneficial. As for me, I am going into Finance. Finance at Goethe is extremely difficult, especially when one comes from another discipline. However, I believe that with the knowledge that I have from my previous courses at Epoka and with a double effort, it will be just fine. 

Jurida is enjoying life and the atmosphere at Goethe University, although she recognizes the peace of Epoka’s suburban campus:

Regarding the campus and university I would say that it is incredibly vivid and beautiful, enormous, very crowded but organised.  However, I have to admit that sometimes I really miss the serenity that Epoka offered me.

In many ways, while transitioning to studies at Goethe University seemed to be a dream come true, it was nonetheless a challenging experience:

When I first arrived here I thought that all things would go perfectly, but I faced a number of challenges in navigating a new environment, culture, and bureaucracy. Needing to do everything by myself in a foreign country has been a daunting growing experience. However, what motivates me to work hard is my goal to succeed and my belief that these struggles will be worthwhile.

In light of her experiences in facing these new challenges, Jurida shares some advice with the new generation of Epoka students (emphasis in the original):

Be optimistic, but mostly realistic! As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says, “We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves.”  It is good to start things with a positive attitude, but always keep in mind that things should not be taken for granted! You should take everything into consideration.

Furthermore, Jurida notes the value of her education at Epoka University in preparing her for studies at the competitive Master of Science in International Management program at Goethe University and her advice that students make the most of their studies at Epoka:

I spent three fruitful years at Epoka, the place I gained useful knowledge and where I took my first steps into shaping my professional future. I worked hard and I was an achievement-oriented student all the time, but, trust me, if it were not for the opportunities that Epoka continuously created for its students, it would be tremendously hard to succeed. I participated in various activities, conferences, open forums, competitions, start-ups, trainings, etc. I took part in an exchange programme in Istanbul (a memorable period of my life). I also completed an internship at Epoka in the Career Planning and Alumni Office, where I collaborated with extraordinary people at that time: Loren Senja and Ersejda Demirxhiu. I completed another internship at Vodafone Albania where I was selected through an interview during the Career Fair organised at Epoka University. Moreover, I applied to and was accepted by many reputable universities abroad. I also felt very-supported at Epoka, something that is hard to find elsewhere. So, what I want to say to all of you is that Epoka was the right gate, the right choice and my ticket to many opportunities ahead. Thus, I am addressing my suggestions to all students there: Please take advantage of these opportunities! Try to gain new skills and languages! Challenge yourselves continuously because only this way you will grow! Try to develop an ‘I-CAN’ attitude! 

We are proud of Jurida’s outstanding work while at Epoka and for her hard work leading up to acceptance in the very competitive Master of Science program in International Management program at Goethe University. We are grateful to Jurida for sharing her experience and advice with a new generation of Epoka students, and we wish her the best of success in her ongoing studies!


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