Invitation Acceptance to ICESoS’15 as a Partner

September 16th, 2014

Invitation Acceptance to ICESoS’15 as a Partner

Invitation Acceptance to ICESoS’15 as a Partner

Further to the correspondence Ref. No: 03-184/14 sent by International Burch University located in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on the “Invitation to ICESoS’15 as a partner”, it was decided to accept the invitation to be partner on 3rdConference on Economics and Social Studies ( organized by Burch University. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Epoka University supports the conference focus theme where partnership from regional universities is necessary for bringing different perspectives from different parts of the region.

Last academic year Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in collaboration with Dean of Students organized the representation of Epoka University in the International Conference on Economics and Social Studies, which took place in the International Burch University, Sarajevo, during 24-25 April 2014. The experience was very valuable for the participants as well. They had the opportunity to interact with academics of the economic and social fields, to expand their network and to gain experience by listening some valuable researches. Lastly, such events foster among all collaboration, team spirit and friendships, therefore the overall time spent was considered both valuable and enjoyable by all the participants.

In order to enhance and reaffirm the already existing cooperation between the two Universities, specific areas of cooperation between the two universities may include among other, exchange of faculty and students, joint research activities and lectures, participation in seminars and academic meetings and exchange of published academic materials and other information.


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