International Festival of Language and Culture

April 4th, 2015

International Festival of Language and Culture

International Festival of Language and Culture

The International Festival of Language and Culture is organized and held every year in many countries simultaneously, with the participation of thousands of children from around the world.
In Albania, this year the International Festival of Language and Culture is organized by the educational institutions "Gulistan", "Turgut Ozal" and Epoka University in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports.
Since their establishment in 1993, "Gulistan" educational institutions in collaboration with "Turgut Ozal" and Epoka University have been involved in the loyal representation of the Albanian culture in many activities organized in Albania and abroad. This year, our students will entertain through their performance broad audiences in America, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand and many others.
Conceived to have an extensive coverage, this festival will be organized for the second time on April 4, 2015, in the Palace of Congresses. The festival will be open to the public and will be accompanied by promotional activities on Albanian and world culture. On the promotional booths present on the occasion, students will present to attendees and visitors the folk and cultural values from their respective countries.
Alexes from the US, Lucas from France, Anita from Kosovo, Arthur from Ukraine, Tinano from Georgia, Zareeni from Bangladesh, Nekruzi from Tajikistan, Maeva from Madagascar, Christopher from South Africa, are only some of the youngsters impatiently waiting for the great day to participate in the International Festival of Language and Culture.
During the event children from different countries through colors, language and customs will use the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with each other.
We believe that every one of these values is peculiar and beautiful while the peaceful collage it creates when standing next to each other is as natural and harmonic as the colors in a rainbow.
Our invitation is to rise on the wings of art and music to unite the nations of the world under the universal human values flag of exchanging values, traditions and colors to promote peace, harmony and love.


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