IMPC, Epoka University Organizes the First International Technology Competition for High School Students

March 3rd, 2013

IMPC, Epoka University Organizes the First International Technology Competition for High School Students

IMPC, Epoka University Organizes the First International Technology Competition for High School Students

The Intelligent Minds Project Competition is a national technology competition oriented to high-school students organized by EPOKA University.

The demand for informatics is growing every day in Albania. According to a research “Information and Communication Technologies” is one of the top professions among high school students.

The Intelligent Minds Project Competition is a national technology competition oriented to high-school students organized by EPOKA University. We invite all high school students to use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution that addresses the Intelligent Minds Project Competition in the following categories:

  1. IT Project competition
  2. Computer Art
  3. IT Project Idea
  4. Online Programming Contest


The Project Competition is a chance to:

  • Use acquired skills and knowledge to provide innovative and creative solutions
  • Participate in the future of technology and software industry
  • Contribute Albanian society in computer science
  • Learn new technological skills.
  • Test yourself against the brightest students around the Albania.
  • Make new friends.



The competition has set a deadline for delivery of the deliverables for the final and for pre-selection. The participant agrees to deliver the project on or before the delivery deadline.


Project Submission:                    March 01 - April 01, 2013

Announcement of finalists:        April 13, 2013

Event:                                                April 27, 2013



From every category the students will get certificates and the following scholarships from Faculty of Architecture and Engineering:

1st place: 50% Scholarship, watch and other surprise gifts

2nd place: 30% Scholarship, watch and other surprise gifts

3rd place: 20% Scholarship, watch and other surprise gifts




IT Project competition

This category offers young, talented students the opportunity to measure capabilities and to compare themselves to other programming students from around the Albania. The object of IT Project competition is to design and develop an original and innovative real-world application and solution.

You can develop your application in any programming language (C++, C#, Java, ASP, Objective C, ASP.NET, PHP, Action script...etc). It is crucial that an application has usability and a proper easy-to-use interface as well as functionality.

Individual participation is accepted (no groups).


Computer Art

Imagine, design and create your 3D animation!

The computer has become an essential tool for anyone working in the fields of design, photography, videography, illustration, architecture, industrial design, animation, and multimedia and web design. This category explores how using a computer in a generative, uniquely computer way forms can emerge.

Get whatever you can lay your hands on and turn them into a piece of art using a variety of software (3Ds Max, Maya, After Effects, Flash..).. Draw some sketches on paper then scan them into computer; use a software to stitch them together and polish them for final view.. Sketch a car and turn it into a 3D model so it can be used to help ease the display of a car crashing scene.. Compose, edit and mix your music tracks right on your computer to create music.. We will be looking forward to seeing your ideas turned into digital!

Individual participation is accepted (no groups).


IT Project Idea

Ideas are what make money today, but applicable ones. Submit your applicable idea in one page, and change the future!

Only individual participation is accepted (no groups)


Online Programming Contest

This is an online programming competition. Students are given 5 questions and in 4 hours time, they are asked to solve and submit the solutions. The topics include

  • Loops and decision statements
  • Text files
  • Strings
  • Modular programming
  • Arrays

The competition will be organized at Epoka University on the competition day. Students can solve the questions only in Pascal, C, C++ or Java programming languages.

Before the competition, students can register and practice on the competition site for free:

Individual participation is accepted (no groups).



There are common and category specific criteria.

Common qualification criteria in the finals

  • Documentation
  • Originality / creativity
  • Oral presentation
  • Stand design
  • Technical Skills
  • Stands


Category Specific Criteria

IT Project competition

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Interface
  • Difficulty

Computer Art

  • Visual impact
  • Graphical aspect
  • Artistic implementation

IT Project Idea

  • Applicability
  • Clarity


Online Contester Ranking Calculation

1.       The students are put descending order according to the number of questions solved.

2.       If many students solve the same number of questions, then, they are put in ascending order according to the time spent solving the questions.

Note: Every wrong submission is count 20 minutes time penalty



Official language of INTELLIGENT MINDS is Albanian and English. Projects can be prepared and presented in English or Albanian languages. If the participants cannot present in these languages, the organization committee will try to do their best to find translators.


  • The registration for the competition can be completed on the web site: 
  • Except the online programming contest participants, every participant will prepare a 5 minutes long video and submit it into YouTube. The link of the video together with project abstract will be submitted to the competition website.
  • All schools that meet high school education requirements may enter the competition. 
  • If the student has a supervisor, (s) he may register a supervisor. Each supervisor can register more than one project and the projects can be in any category of the competition. From one school, more supervisors are accepted (for different projects) 
  • Each team can be represented by only one contact person.
  • Each contestant can be registered for only one project, or different projects. However, in case you qualify to participate with multiple projects, you will be required to choose a single project to compete for the final. In other words, you may only compete in one project at the final.
  • Participants are not allowed to register the same projects with which they have participated to previous contests, unless there is a major change in the project. 
  • Participants are responsible of what information they enter during registration. In case of any misspelled name or any other information organization committee won’t accept any responsibility. If provided supervisor's email will be used as the contact information so please be sure that you typed a valid email address. 
  • For international contestants: Please enter the participant's name in the registration form carefully, which will be used for the visa invitation. A spelling mistake may cause trouble for you during visa application. 
  • Registered participant student names cannot be changed after the deadline of registration.



First-Phase: (Selection for finals)

Within qualification dates, the Jury will evaluate the projects that have been sent. The projects that qualify for the finals will be announced on the official web page on the announcement date and the supervisors will be informed about the results by e-mail.


Second-Phase: (Finals)

For a project presentation in accordance with the given stand (panel) dimensions, the documents should be printed beforehand.

  • Each project must be presented with a report containing explanations about how it was prepared and the technical details of the project.
  • The project report should not contain repetitions or prolongations. The report should be concise and focused on the subject, and not having omissions.
  • Each contestant must prepare his own stands at the Exhibition hall on the on the first day of the event, and also should be able to present the project and materials at the Jury stand on the second day of the event.
  • The contestants should bring the hardware equipment needed for presenting the project. If any team needs help about providing hardware equipment, organization committee will try to do their best!
  • The participants will wear formal Intelligent Minds t-shirts in front of the Jury.
  • For international participants we highly recommend wearing the national costume, to make a good design to the stand and to have a great activity at the exhibition.
  • At any categories, if less than 3 projects are qualified for the final then that category won't exist in the final.
  • For accommodation there will be a hotel fee of approx 45 euro per night per person at a 4 start hotel (includes breakfast). There is no participation fee.


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