IDCHSS successfully finalized its 6th edition

May 10th, 2016

IDCHSS successfully finalized its 6th edition

IDCHSS successfully finalized its 6th edition

On May 6, 2016 Epoka University successfully the 6th edition of IDCHSS 2016, “International Design Competition for High School Students” organized by the Department of Architecture.
This year, the competition themed as "Pippi Longstocking: Playscape", was held on April, 21-22, 2016 at EPOKA University venue. There was a high interest and rate of participation in this premier competition, from both public and private high schools from all over the Republic of Albania.
Depending on the evaluation of a jury of professionals, top 10 finalists were selected after the two-day design workshop. The "Honorable Mention" prizes, in acknowledgement of their promising performance. were awarded to: 
Suad Mati (28 Nëntori, Shkodër)
Feliks Bogdani (Halit Bërzeshta, Përrenjas)
Eni Muka (Isa Adem Boletini, Vorë )
Juna Saka (Turgut Ozal, Tiranë)
Whereas, the three top finalists, of the 6th edition of IDCHSS 2016 were awarded several scholarships to follow their studies in the Department of Architecture, of EPOKA University. The scholarships were awarded for their outstanding performance in the competition to the following:
1st Prize : Servio AVDYLI ( Gjergj Kastriot, Durrës): 75% scholarship
2nd Prize:  Klea Kërkeza (Fuat Babani, Bilisht):         50% scholarship
3rd Prize:  Lezo Kroj (Hasan Tahsin, Sarandë):          25% scholarship 
With a special thank, we wish further success to all of the participants of IDCHSS 2016 in their State Matura Exams.


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