History of Architecture III Course Field Trip

February 21st, 2015

History of Architecture III Course Field Trip

History of Architecture III Course Field Trip

Within the framework of History of architecture III course which includes historical evolution of principal architectural movements and key historical monuments from the Enlightenment to High Tech Ecological Architecture course, instructor  Edmond Manahasa together with 7 students of 3rd year Architecture department students undertook a trip to Paris. Paris city was selected considering its heritage of modern buildings and inclusion of such landmarks and milestone buildings of different periods of 20th century. The trip took place between 29th  of january and 3rd of february aiming the comprehension in real scale very important pieces of Modernism.
The students under the guide of Mr. Manahasa visited to Le Corbussier’s Villa La Roche, and Villa Savoye, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers’s Pompidou Center, Jean Nouvel’s Institute de Monde Arabe, Tschumy’s Parc de la Villete, Dominique Perrault’s Bibliotheque de France, August Perret’s Apartments at Rue Franklin, La Defense and Cinematheque of Frank Gehry.
Beyond experiencing Haussmanian Paris  also important landmarks of Renaissance and Baroque period like Palace of Louvre and Industrial Revolution rapresentative Eiffel Tower were part of the visit at the end of the major program.


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