“Happy Hugs”

December 19th, 2011

“Happy Hugs”

“Happy Hugs”

Sensitive Society Club (SSC) members this time thought about an activity with “Zyber Hallulli” orphanage children. On Saturday, December 17 2011, 32 children were taken at Epoka University Campus, where they firstly visited university premises and also introduced themselves one by one, telling their names, age, and hobbies. Sensitive Society Club members had a nice conversation and got very familiar with them. It was amazing to see their faces smiling.

The younger children had a painting program with the help of ArkiSpace Club Students, whereas the older ones had a program in the PC-lab. SSC members had prepared very colorful activities for the children, such as films, games, painting, dancing, artistic show, and even some presents.

“We gave material gifts to the children but we could receive much more; warm hugs and kisses full of love. There are no words to describe those moments, when they hugged and kissed us and when we heard: “Thank you, I love you”, from their lips. It was very beautiful being with them, talking to them, singing and dancing with them, knowing their world, their wishes for the future. We tried to give them some hours of pleasure, but there were they that gave us unforgettable moments”, Elsa Mersini, member of Sensitive Society Club said.

Children are such wondrous deeds. Their innocence and purity makes them little angels that made our day very colorful and bright. Their exuberance and enthusiasm made us lighten up our burdens and feel we were in another world with them. Children know no limits, no boundaries, no barriers and no failures. They will always accept you for who you are and whatever you do. They will always find something good in you. Their arms would always be open to give you a “Happy Hug”.

We end up the 2011 calendar year with a big hope and wish for families and children in need.Sensitive Society Club is grateful to all the donators!

A helping hand can change the run and be one of them! Give meaning to your life!!!


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