Good luck to all high school seniors in the Matura State Exam!

May 31st, 2013

For 45 thousand high school seniors, the Matura State Exams are the crowning of the success of a long journey in the way of education and knowledge and doubtlessly very important and decisive days for the future of each of them. For the success of these young students a special thank and gratitude goes to their teachers, the main guides and supporters in the road to success. On this occasion all the staff of Epoka University wishes good luck to all high school seniors in the Matura State Exams!

We are very aware that the options and opportunities offered for the university study programs and higher education institutions are numerous. Since its first day, as a part of an education institution with a lengthy and successful tradition in the field of education, through the application of quality teaching methods, modern infrastructure and the application of the upmost advanced technology, Epoka University is not only the first option of the best students of Albania and Balkan region, but also the main supporter of successful students.

With the highest priority of enrolling high achieving students, Epoka University appreciates the merits and successes of each high school senior through scholarships granted to the best ones, for the normal duration of their studies as follows:

Scholarships for top 3000 students of Matura State Exam

       1 – 1000        »   100%
1001 – 2000        »     75%
2001 – 3000        »     50%

All the best!


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