First impressions at the London School of Economics - Former Epoka student Elena Pici

October 15th, 2015

First impressions at the London School of Economics - Former Epoka student Elena Pici

First impressions at the London School of Economics - Former Epoka student Elena Pici

Overwhelmed by excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness to start my MSc journey – that’s just naming a few of my emotions in the first day at London School of Economics, as a Local Economic Development master student, as well as Chevening scholar. I chose LSE for its reputation in the field of economics, and the enormous networking opportunities that are offered here. And in this first week, I am confident to have made the right choice. Professors are among the most well-known of their field and their teaching methods are based on developing students’ critical understanding. At this point, I have to be very thankful to my economics classes at Epoka University, which have provided me strong knowledge, based on world recognized teaching books/methods. The readings and essays require a lot of commitment and vast amount of weekly schedule is allocated to self-reading and research, so the seven-floor library is the students’ preferred place. Everyone here is so eager to learn and strive for excellence, so most probably in my class there are some of the future big names in economy. Despite that, all are very friendly and helpful. The nicest thing is the working groups – classmates organize themselves into groups, on their own initiative, to discuss the readings and to share their notes. This creates such a team atmosphere, where the competition is to get the knowledge, not to compete with each other. 
Moreover, this a very social university, located in the heart of London. The first impression is that it looks smaller than the expectations, but then you realize how well-organized are all of its 10 different buildings (in fact classes infrastructure doesn’t differ much from that of Epoka). But definitely, here, one can find it all: from the beautiful city lights in the night time, student parties in the university pub, sports activities, medical service, university societies, gala nights, networking sessions with various companies and organizations which are held weekly, communal living in school accommodation etc. The only spare thing is time…I am really glad that I am experiencing this international opportunity in a very well-known university, with very good foundations from my Epoka studies (which makes me proud of), and I would absolutely encourage all students to go for such an experience and challenge their comfort zone.
Elena Pici
London, October 2015


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