FEAS participated at the Model Economic Forum in Istanbul

March 7th, 2013

FEAS participated at the Model Economic Forum in Istanbul

FEAS participated at the Model Economic Forum in Istanbul

A group of 13 staff members and students of Banking&Finance and Business Administration departments of Epoka University participated at the Model Economic Forum in Istanbul held on March 1 – 3, among whom the Vice Dean of Students, Mrs. Jale Asan, Ms. Erinda Imeraj, Ms. Sonila Gruda and students Ms. Arselda Gjura, Ms. Evestena Binaj, Mr. Ardit Dobrovoda, Mr.  Enis Hasimi, Ms. Jonida Balliu, Ms. Jonada Tafa, Ms. Franceska Beqiri, Ms. Xhensila Beka, Ms. Denada Rada. The Model Economic Forum took place in the heart of Istanbul, Grand Cevahir Hotel and Convention Center with about 260 participants from more than 26 countries from all over the world.

The model was well organized, in the Gala dinner held in first day the forum was greeted by personalities like the Vice Prime Minister of Turkey Mr. Ali Babacan, the Istanbul Governor Mr. Huseyin Avni Mutlu, the Head of Istanbul Stock Exchange Mr. Ibrahim Turhan, the ITU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca and many others. The second and the third day were much intensive with 9 sessions and 9 workshops, were 4 representatives from Epoka University were among the speakers. Among the topics presented by Epoka University representatives are “The Role of Market Orientation on Firm Innovativeness in Telecommunication Sector; Case of Albania “ presented by Mr. Dobrovoda, “ Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Albania”, presented by Ms. Gruda, “ Financial Crises in Albania”, presented by Mr. Hasimi and “ Customer Loyalty” presented by Ms. Gjura. The Epoka representatives were registered in all 9 workshops and the bright debates they made was highlighted by the forum organizers, furthermore it has to be stressed out that the ideas they presented in their respective workshops in the vast majority of the cases were accepted as the workshop formal position or declaration.

Among the participants Ms. Beqiri told us that “Participation in the Model Economic Forum was a new experience, very useful and special for me because this youth organization provided a platform of dialogue to me and all other participants. This event, gave me the opportunity to develop my communication and leadership skills. I had the chance to listen to great opinions about specific topics and issues related to economics for different countries and also express my opinion and come up with decisions and solutions during our workshops. I see all these as a great opportunity because I worked and benefited from the experience of experts, professors, and today’s leaders from all over the world.”

Ms. Beka stated that “I can’t find the right words to describe this experience since it is something that you can only experience. For me this experience was unforgettable. I have never imagined hat only in one hour, not to mention that I was there for 3 days, I got to know many people from different cultures. There, we were speaking the same language which was not the English, but the kindness that all of them showed. As a student from economics I learned new things and made me understand better the field that I am studying. There were spoken also many words of wisdom as I can mention Mr.Livada who said “never take ‘no’ as an answer” and Mr. Walker courage us that everything that we learn should be challenged or Mr.Turhan who taught us to see the world from different perceptions. In the third day we had workshops where I chose the topic: “Social Innonivation; why it matters and how to accelerate it?” There, I was again, in a group with people from different countries.  The conclusion of this topic was that social innonivation was important since it affected our lives and people to develop it needed to pass through some stages such as awareness or learn it through our education. Also to develop our innovative ideas we needed funds from government and expected from him to approve some legislations to make them acceptable from the others. So in the end I can say that this kind of forums is very important for us since we learn new things and are valuable for our future.”

This Forum was a very good opportunity for all the participants; each having the chance to get connections with other students, professors and important personalities in Turkey during these days. Epoka University was very well represented during this forum and many personalities were invited to come and visit our university during the proceeding events. Model Economic Forum is the platform of young students including graduates and undergraduates from all over the world to come together and have their say about the issues of their generation. It is the FIRST in its field, UNIVERSAL and YOUTH oriented. 


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