Erasmus+ K-FORCE Project held the fourth meeting in Denmark and Sweden

July 13th, 2017

Erasmus+ K-FORCE Project held the fourth meeting in Denmark and Sweden

Erasmus+ K-FORCE Project held the fourth meeting in Denmark and Sweden

The fourth meeting of The Erasmus+ project “Knowledge FOr Resilient soCiEty”- K-FORCE, took place on June 26th - 29th, 2017 in DTU in Denmark and Lund University in Sweden. The partners from Denmark Technical University in Denmark and Lund University in Sweden hosted the four-day event   of the K-FORCE project.  The first two working days (June 26th and 27th ) took place in  DTU campus, while the other two working days took place in Lund University Campus. 
During the first two days  day (June 26th - 27th, DTU University), at first warm up and wrap up activities were presented by the University of Novi Sad with the aim to discuss on what has been done so far and what are the forthcomming events. The workshop continued with detailed presentations  of DRM & FSE (master) curricula models  by every partner including  plans and syllabi drafts. The outcomes of discussion were focused on the  pool of courses for MP as well as the agreement on two joint subjects. In addition, potential joint subjects: Risk Analysis in Decision-making Process & Economic/Financial Resilience to Hazards   were presented by the representative of the University of Novi Sad. Invited lecturers from DTU presented methods on teaching phylosophy and students satisfaction measures. During the two day study trip in DTU, Denmark,  a visit to lab facilities was realized.  
The other  two days (June 28th - 29th, LUND  University), mainly focused on the development of PhD curriculum at the university of Novi Sad. The discussions were mainly on suggested and use of equipments structure for PhD curriculum in Novi Sad. The agenda continued with assessing EU trends in DRM & FSE and comparing PhD models and curricula in DRM & FSE.  In addition, presentations from Lund university pedagogic unit was made within the topic of how Lund University educates PhD educators, strategies and methods. During the two-day study trip in Lund, analysis of WB teaching staff resources for DRM & FSE master and PhD study programs was made. In the end, a visit to lab facilities at Lund University was realized.


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