Epoka University, the place where knowledge and practice merge together

March 30th, 2012

Epoka University, the place where knowledge and practice merge together

Epoka University, the place where knowledge and practice merge together


As the capital of Albania, Tirana characterized with special mosaic of people, students, universities, mentalities, point of views and so on. Albania is well known for its young generations. As a “young country” is facing with hundreds of problems and dilemmas, about the reality and visions of the future. 

After the dictatorship, Albanians tried to rebuild society, political and economical system. But, living in a country which has been isolated for half century is a big challenge, and a very skeptical question on changing reality. Between East and West, Tradition or Modernity what is more impressive and interesting for Albanian students!? 

Epoka University as the place where knowledge and practice merge together continues “The Wednesday Evenings Forum of PIR Department; a New Tradition at Epoka University’, when the student’s academic life is still one of the strongest values. 

The presentation about youth and their perceptions through sociological perspective was held in café library “E per7shme” and organized by professors and students of PIR department at Epoka Univeristy, on 28 of March 2011. 

Presentation was intended to point out the responsibilities that have taken the Albanian students in the field of social life. Mrs. Matilda Likaj, showed the results of the research project realized with students. The reports focused on the perception about social life of young students. All the questions of questionnaires included details about the eternal social activities: feeling, beliefs, opinions, etc. 

As usual, students were so interested on the topic of presentation, and all the time they have had reaction, questions, replies and comments. The debate was very dynamic and students could achieve new information about the differences between Modern and Western cultures contributed by the professors. 

Because of the reputation of the university, day pas day, on our “close-meeting” students from other universities joined us and enjoy very much time spending among Epoka’s students and professors. 

This is a very good beginning on creating new clime of cooperation. Also, during those two “hot hours” we can learn much more on writing academic papers/essays and also communication language/techniques at an academic level.

 MA Rovena Tujani


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