Epoka University organizes the Graduation Ceremony 2015

July 3rd, 2015

Epoka University organizes the Graduation Ceremony 2015

Epoka University organizes the Graduation Ceremony 2015

On July 2, 2015 the Graduation Ceremony perked the campus of Epoka University up with the presence of students and their families, excitedly waiting their graduation. More than 160 students successfully carried out their studies in 11 bachelor programs in two faculties: the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering and that of the Economics and Administrative Sciences. The ceremony was honored with the presence of H.E. British Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Nicholas Cannon, the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Blendi Klosi, rectors of public and private universities, representatives from the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Albania, representatives from private enterprises, parents,  relatives, students, academic and administrative staff of the university.

The graduation ceremony started with the National Anthem and was followed by the welcome speech of the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Remzi Altın. In his speech the Rector stressed the fact that universities create values for the society and mentioned three key elements of universities in general and Epoka in particular, which are; education, research-development, and contribution to the society.

Prof. Altın continued his speech by thanking the parents for entrusting their most valuable treasure to Epoka and addressed the students and thanked them for having chosen Epoka University. “Universities exist because of their students and you are our value. Your professional and personal success in life is now starting from today”, said the Rector. Before thanking everyone for the participation to the Graduation Ceremony of Class of 2015, Prof. Altın gave four advices to the students; to believe in themselves, discipline and working hard, to be sensitive for social and environmental problems, and to respect the others, democracy and human rights. Prof. Dr. Remzi Altın ended his speech by inviting all the graduates to come back to their home, to Epoka University, whose door will always be open to all graduates.

H. E. British Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Nicholas Cannon surprised the audience by delivering his speech in three languages; Albanian, English and Turkish, and started by thanking the University for inviting him to the ceremony, stating that he is acquainted with the University through discussions with the Rector and the collaboration between Epoka and the British Council. “This is a university which takes very seriously its values and mission. It is a university that deliberates on the future and plans carefully, consequently creating a strong reputation in Albania, hence recruiting skilled and motivated students”, said the Ambassador.

Mr. Cannon addressed the graduates by conveying the fact that they are among the best-educated of their generation, and stated that Epoka has been established and financed by people who questioned themselves about the profit that they were giving back to society. “This country has an advantage in that the Albanian people have a great respect for education”, he said. Mr. Cannon also mentioned that the British government is strongly supporting the efforts of the current Minister of Education in reforming the university system, to put irresponsible and corrupt elements out of business and provide university governance of a high international standard. In his view, and more relevantly the view of British education policy experts, the higher education reform process in Albania is on the right track.

“I need to say to the Rector and to the personnel and supporters of Epoka University from Turkey that they should be proud of the success in here”, said the Ambassador, “the performance of this university shows your great value”, he added. He stated that all this was a practical indicator of their values and principles. “You have adopted the Turkish experience to the Balkan region. This University represents a model for Albania and the region”, he emphasized and concluded his speech by congratulating the graduates, academic staff and parents for the achievements.

The ceremony continued with the speech of the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth Mr. Blendi Klosi, who firstly stated that Epoka University, apart from being an important investment in Albania, having a model campus, its value lies in its products and their connection with labor market. “This connection is impressing and encouraging to all: Epoka University has graduated 476 bachelor and 240 master students, out of which 2% have been employed in the Public Administration and 90% in the Private Sector”, said the Minister. He mentioned the fact that the programs offered at Epoka University are an indicator of the compatibility of the supply and demand in the labor market. “Your University, as well as other universities, possess all the capacities to broaden their teaching supply”, stressed the Minister and added that the universities beside academic activities, can act as important community centers for pre and post university qualifications. At the end of his speech Mr. Klosi congratulated the newly graduated students and wished their dreams come true.

Right after, plaquets were presented to the best students at the university level, Ms. Eugena Pepa, Ms. Sidita Reshketa, Ms. Nilda Kipi, Mr. Dorjan Hitaj, Ms. Rexhina Blloshmi followed by their speeches, which were concluded by the traditional hammering of the names in the wood.

The audience was also addressed by the Head of Epoka University Alumni Association, who emphasized the fact that the day of graduation is the day of a long and difficult journey towards professional success. He gave an overview of the graduates of Epoka University around the world and mentioned some benefits of the Alumni Association. “Our Association will keep offering our students: network, employment opportunities, social activities, innovative ideas exchange and continuous education opportunities. For the upcoming academic year we have started the scholarship fund and have planned to grant 25 inclusive scholarships to the students in need”. He ended his speech by wishing further successes to the graduates.

The participants enjoyed the live performance of the students from Arts and Culture Club with its rich artistic program accompanied by a magnificent orchestra.

The ceremony went on with the graduates’ oath and at the end all guests were invited to the cocktail organized by the university on this occasion.  


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