Epoka University organizes a Symposium on the occasion of Albania's 100th Independence Anniversary

November 23rd, 2012

Epoka University organizes a Symposium on the occasion of Albania's 100th Independence Anniversary

Epoka University organizes a Symposium on the occasion of Albania's 100th Independence Anniversary

On the occasion of Albania’s 100th Independence Anniversary, Epoka University organized on November 22, the symposium titled: "Building the future together; New perpectives and opportunities for Albania, which was attended by Albanian personalities, academics from different universities, entrepreneurs and students . Proceedings of the symposium were welcomed by the Rector of Epoka University Prof. Dr. Remzi Altin and Diplomatic Advisor of the Minister of Integration, Mr. Sokol Dedja.

In his welcoming speech, the Rector of Epoka University, Prof. Dr. Remzi Altin thanked all the participants attending the symposium and expressed his best wishes to all Albanians on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Independence. He said that after a century since the Declaration of Independence, Albania has made a huge progress on positioning in the region, being transformed as a center and promoter of development in the region. This is also the mission and the vision of our University. We are committed and we adjust all our strategy by placing Albania as a major center of the Balkan region, " he said.

According to Prof. Dr. Altin during these years Epoka University has established contacts with the most outstanding universities in the United States of America and in Europe."We are determined to invest and help further on the quality and development of Albanian education through collaborations with international universities, doing everything that is necessary to transforme the country into an educational center in the Ballkan region. I wish and hope that after this jubilee year, the most beautiful days will come to Albania and Albanians, "he said.

Diplomatic Advisor of the Minister of Integration, Mr. Sokol Dedja in his remarks at the opening speech, said that the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the independence and integration process of the country, are not just a symbolic connection, but also a real connection. According to Mr. Dedja, the country's integration process is closely related with the consolidation of institutions and projects renaissance. Mr. Dedja said that the country's integration processes are not only associated with the state, but are closely related to the academic contributions. "The academics world need to contribute and deliver its aid through academic debate," he said.

Meanwhile the Advisor to the Prime Minister for Territory and Property Issues, Mr. Flamur Kuçi was focused on issues of territorial development in Albania and perspective for the future, focused to the current issues and approaches for future developments. City of Berat, city planning and tourism perspective of this historical city, was another reference held by the Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Architects, the architect Arben Biçoku. Head of the Architecture Department at Epoka University Assis. Prof. Dr. Sokol Dervishi was focused on energy, environment and sustainability, as well as perspective of the future, with an emphasis on reducing energy use in dwellings and the use of incentive programs in the process of design and operation of buildings and urban aspects . He said that a new project including strategic master plans in the energy sector is neccesary.

Head of the Financial Stability Department at Bank of Albania, Mr. Klodion Shehu assessed as very positive the treatment of such topics from the academic world, and especially by Epoka University.He said that the country's economic development has been steady despite the impact of the global crisis. According to Mr. Shehu, Albania has escaped the economic recession. He said that the impact of the measures taken by the financial sector, whether through financial institutions or state and private minimized the effects and damage the economic crisis on the Albanian economy. While the Director of Monitoring and Quality Control Group in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Ndriçim Mehmeti said that Epoka University although its short time operating, showed his identity and provided a valuable contribution to the academic world through scientific conferences and symposiums organised.

This Symposium - held in the centenary of Albania’s independence – was intended mapping the position of the country concerning the level of social-economic and technological development and will particularly focus on the challenges that Albania faces in its road towards full accession into the European Union.


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