Epoka University organized for the first time the Intelligent Minds Project Competition

April 28th, 2013

Epoka University organized for the first time the Intelligent Minds Project Competition

Epoka University organized for the first time the Intelligent Minds Project Competition

Department of Computer Engineering organized on April 27, 2013 the First Intelligent Minds Project Competition, a national technology competition oriented to high-school students. The high school students participating at this used their imagination and passion to create a technology solution that addresses the Intelligent Minds Project Competition in the IT Project competition, Computer Art, IT Project Idea and Online Programming Contest. The contest was organized in the format of projects which were prepared and presented by the high school students.

The Intelligent Minds Project Competition was a change for high school students to use acquired skills and knowledge to provide innovative and creative solutions and to be part in the future of technology and software industry. After the submission of the projects at the first phase, about 15 project presented by high school students were selected to compete at the final phase.

The Head of Computer Engineering Department welcomed the finalist and shared with them his main views about the Intelligent Mind Project Competition noting that Epoka University is a university that continuously supports talented students in all fields. “Computer programming is useful skill and if you have this skill you may have a good job. It is hard because it needs a little bit abstract thinking. Students participating at this activity have that talent. And that’s why I believe that you have that talent. Hopefully we are trying to give our best to help talented students and to motivate them”, he said.

At the end of the contest, the evaluation committee launched the results of the exam from which three students were awarded with a scholarship that finances their undergraduate studies at Epoka University in one of the departments of Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering. Achievement certificates were given to three best students and also Certificate of Participation were handed to all attending students.

The winners of the contest and the respective awards are listed as below;

  1. Devid Duma - 75% scholarship, watch, EPOKA notebook etc.
  2. Evis Hoxha - 50% scholarship, watch, EPOKA notebook etc.
  3. Edena Berhani - 25 % scholarship watch, EPOKA notebook etc.

We congratulate the winners and thank to all participating students as well as wish them further success in their future.


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