Epoka University leads ‘COST’ actions within Albania

February 17th, 2015

Epoka University leads ‘COST’ actions within Albania

Epoka University leads ‘COST’ actions within Albania

The development strategy at Epoka University is grounded on ‘Education, research and contribution to society’ triangle. Thus, special focus has been given to scientific excellence through research. As a result of these efforts Epoka University, has been recognized and accepted as country representative institution in five ‘COST’ Actions.
‘COST’ is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology. Introduced by the European Commission, it aims at allowing coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. It has a very specific mission and goal. It contributes to reducing the fragmentation in European research investments and opening the European Research Area to worldwide cooperation.
Since Albania belongs to the ‘near neighboring countries’ category, its institutions may be invited by the Management Committees as MC Observers with no voting rights in accordance with the ‘COST’ Rules for International Cooperation. Our University, through application for Cost projects and actions aims at upgrading Albania’s status to the member one, so that additional benefits to the academic environment are exploited.
As a precursor of advanced multidisciplinary research, ‘COST’ plays a very important role in building the European Research Area (ERA). It anticipates and complements the activities of the EU Framework Programmes, constituting a bridge towards the scientific communities of emerging countries. It also increases the mobility of researchers across countries in Europe.


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