Epoka University kicks off ‘SoftUP’ aimed at assisting organizations that operate with social projects

March 9th, 2015

Epoka University kicks off ‘SoftUP’ aimed at assisting organizations that operate with social projects

Epoka University kicks off ‘SoftUP’ aimed at assisting organizations that operate with social projects

The Computer Engineering Department of Epoka University organizes the first event in Albania that supports the software development aimed to strengthen the social responsibility among students and broader. ‘You think responsible, we soft it up’ was the slogan meant to reach all organizations concerned in social responsibility projects. This event is open to all Non for Profit Organizations, schools and government institutions in need for software solutions. Epoka University students will provide their support with the supervision of a group of mentors throughout the semester.

Mr. Niko Peleshi, Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Albania during 'SoftUP' opening ceremony organized on 9th of March, 2015 quoted that Epoka University successfully resisted the earthquake of education reform in Albania. Mr. Peleshi compliments went to the students choosing IT as the door to many opportunities and future prosperity. The Albanian Government, among other actions, he said, is planning to introduce unsolicited proposals as part of the new law to address the desperate need to modernize and innovate while making services accessible to all the citizens.

Mrs. Milena Harito, Minister for Innovation during the opening remarks 'SoftUP' quoted that innovation is not to be expected only by the Government. It should come from many sources. The match between NPO with endless needs but few resources, and Epoka students willing to do well is of tangible value into the real world, Mrs. Harito said. We count Epoka students will act as ambassadors and expand this project into other Universities as well.

On the first day, all institution registered during the preliminary phase described a problem that requires a software solution so that the students conducted the needs assessment. A preliminary solution and software idea will be proposed till Friday, March 13th.

Students and organizations will continue to work on the development of the final product supervised by Epoka University instructors until May 29th. The Computer Engineering Department at Epoka University is part of the Architecture and Engineering Faculty.

The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Bilgin welcomed the guests and made the opening remarks ‘Today we are hosting over 20 NGOs which operate in various sectors of the Albanian economy. I am thankful to each of them for taking part in this event.

We, at Epoka University, have the mission of educating and raising students to higher levels of competence by providing the necessary skills for the job market. Thus, they should ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills required at the workplace.  SoftUP event is a clear evidence of the social responsibility that our students have and their support to people and organizations who help others. It is Epoka University belief that the sound knowledge that our students acquire at our University as well as their English proficiency and social skills represent a strong point for their future aspirations’ Mr Bilgin quoted.


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