Epoka University, a sure step towards success

October 18th, 2012

Epoka University, a sure step towards success

Epoka University, a sure step towards success

By Eltjona Laēaj

As every student that had just finished the high school studies, I was facing the big dilemma of the university choice decision. The choice was very crucial since the entire professional live would depend on that. At that time I had many possibilities; I had been accepted as an architecture student at Middle East Technical University in Ankara as well as at Tirana Polytechnic University. For sure it was not easy for me to choose among other opportunities, to study in a new university that had just one year that had been established and at a department that was accepting its first students. But I took the risk based on my trust on the offered curriculums and the experience of the Turkish colleges in Albania. The education was in English and most of the professors were graduated from the best schools in foreign countries.

After four years I'm not repentant at all; on the contrary, my experience at Epoka University has gone beyond my expectations. During this four year of studies, except the high quality teaching and the very well prepared professors, the university has offered many possibilities and chances to gain more academic proficiencies and experience, such as the opportunity of having summer practices in privilege companies in Albania and also in other countries, participation in different open forums and many international conferences, and also becoming a member of different student clubs organized by the students themselves. For example, I have been the director of the ArkiSpace Student club for three years, together with the leading board and other colleagues; we have organized many activities related with architecture.

Besides this very active student life at Epoka University, there were offered to me also other academic opportunities such as the participation in ICAUD conference and the possibility of having one year experience in teaching as a student assistant in Construction and Building Technology and the Environmental Control Studio courses, supported by Assist. Prof. Dr. Sokol Dervishi.

With all these experiences, knowledge and academic proficiency gained at Epoka University I had the chance among many other students around the world to be selected and win a two year merit-based scholarship by the Turkish Government, to study master degree at Izmir Institute of Technology in Department of Architectural Restoration.

Finally, I am very grateful to all my professors who for 4 years have tried to give their maximum to prepare us as professionally as they could, and I thank all the staff members of Epoka University that are making a tedious job in adding values to the Albanian Higher education practice.


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