Epoka University: A path towards success in graduate studies abroad

October 1st, 2013

One of the most remarkable achievements of Epoka University has been the high number of its graduates who have been able to continue their Master’s and PhD studies in foreign universities, in numerous cases also by benefiting from various scholarships awarded to excellent and highest-achieving students.

The instruction in English, the curricula in compliance with the best international standards as well as the multi-cultural composition of its faculty and student community greatly increase the chances of Epoka graduates to pursue their Master’s and PhD studies abroad in renowned universities. Epoka graduates have been able to have all their courses and credits recognized by the foreign higher education institutions thus representing another evidence of the high-quality education provided at the University.

The full list of Epoka graduates who pursue their Master’s and PhD studies abroad can be found below.

1. Erban HOXHA Civil Engineering Austria PhD
2. Anila XHAHYSA Civil Engineering Turkey PhD
3. Ornela LALAJ Civil Engineering Turkey PhD
4. Franc GOLEMAJ Architecture Germany Master
5. Alba XHANI Computer Engineering Germany Master
6. Brunild XHILI Political Science Germany Master
7. Bora SHEHU Civil Engineering Germany Master
8. Drit Sokoli Civil Engineering USA Master
9. Shpetim YMERI Civil Engineering USA Master
10. Oelda SPAHIU Banking and Finance USA Master
11. Edli PUPLA Political Science USA Master
12. Dorela XHAKO Banking and Finance USA Master
13. Demokrat QORDJA Civil Engineering Canada Master
14. Dorjan DAUTI Civil Engineering France Master
15. Bora ALIAJ Architecture UK Master
16. Resilda KALIA Economics UK Master
17. Ermira VELA Banking and Finance UK Master
18. Livia NIKOLLA Banking and Finance Spain Master
19. Enis  HASIMI Banking and Finance Czech Republic Master
20. Mimi HOXHA Banking and Finance Czech Republic Master
21. Shpetim  TALJA Political Science Turkey Master
22. Eltjona LACAJ Architecture Turkey Master
23. Ajmona HOXHA Architecture Turkey Master
24. Enkela  ALIMADHI Architecture Turkey Master
25. Pranvera LATIFI Banking and Finance Turkey Master
26. Akida MULGECI Banking and Finance Turkey Master
27. Ersila CIBAKU Political Science Turke Master
28. Haris KRASNIQI Computer Engineering Turkey Master
29. Alba MUÇA Political Science Turkey Master
30. Redisa KULLA Political Science Turkey Master
31. Klajda ALLAJBEU Political Science Turkey Master
32. Gloria SHKURTI Political Science Turkey Master



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