Epoka Graduates employment tops 90%

February 2nd, 2018

Epoka Graduates employment tops 90%

Epoka Graduates employment tops 90%

Employment levels for Epoka graduates have reached 90.38 per cent, according to Graduate Outcome Survey.  On November 2017, Career Planning and Alumni Office conducted survey to Epoka Graduates.  

The Survey provides a comprehensive picture of the success Epoka graduates have as it relates to their career and continuing education endeavors. The Executive Summary which follows, along with the comprehensive data reporting on which the summary is based, continues to show the strong success rate of Epoka graduates.

According to the survey, 90.38 % of our graduates are employed or continuing education. While in Albania according to INSTAT, the unemployment rate for 2016 for the age of 15-29 is 28.9%. Also half of the students has received a job offer before graduation and 63.46% has received more than one job offer. This show the high demand of our students in different positions, mostly in private sector. Three to six-month duration of job search is considered to be normal in Albanian labor market.  

Job satisfaction can briefly be described as your feeling towards your job and how happy do you feel doing your work. Based on the survey results 98 % of graduates are satisfied with their job and 88.46% are working in compliance with their area of study. This is a figure much higher if we compare with the European Commission report on Western Balkan countries, where only 48% of graduates are vertically well matched to the skills required by the job they hold by the level of their qualification.

Internship Program is another strong point of our university. By collaborating with private and state institutions we offer to the student’s opportunity to be part of this program. 69.23 % answered that they have participated at least one internship. Internships are very useful to interns themselves due to the fact that they offer them the chance to learn how is working for a certain company or in a certain position is.

There are a variety of factors influencing student’s decision on enrollment but from university perspective without a strong reputation universities are not able to attract the resources to construct a beneficial academic environment. A strong university reputation attracts from the best professor to the best students. According to the survey 82.69 % of the respondents think that the university academic reputation was very important in their decision to enroll in a certain program at Epoka.

The result of the survey shows clearly the quality of graduates as well as the continued support to the students from academic and administrative staff.


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