Entrepreneur Club’s members visited the Infosoft Systems

December 14th, 2013

A group of 10 students, Entrepreneur Club’s members of Business Informatics and Banking and Finance Departments, on December 11, 2013 visited the Infosoft Systems environment. Staff of the company, the manager of Human Resources and two other specialists, warmly welcomed the students. They introduced the students firstly with the meeting room, were a nice overview of the Infosoft Group was showed. Then students were introduced with the different floors, where all sectors employees were in their places and was explained every detail of the sector as well as where all of the most important ideas and other decisions came from.

For the participant students was organized a friendly environment in the meeting room of the company where an interesting and valuable information was printed and prepared for them. The manager explained every detail that student were interested and students had the opportunity to discuss on an important topic, such as the employment opportunities and the basic expectations the companies have about the candidates. Some of the things that were stressed as very important were: experience in workshops, conferences, internships. As well as the most important thing that students learned was that, even it was difficult and with some phases to get the chance to be part of their training, it was a great step ahead as that was a good opportunity also to be an employee of them, regarding to their policies.
The next visit was another meeting room, where a specialist gave some of her valuable minutes to explain briefly all the chain steps that the work at Infosoft was managed. Obviously this made clearer the figure of real work to the students.

In conclusion, this was the second company visit of Entrepreneur Student Club of Epoka University with the main goal of visiting each of the important companies in Albania, which in the near future will be the employees of them, and creating the clear view of the work environment. As well as, students may have the chance to create contacts and offer to themselves the opportunity of internships in these companies.


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