Entrepreneur Club’s members visited ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile

November 12th, 2013

Entrepreneur Club’s members visited ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile

Entrepreneur Club’s members visited ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile

A group of 15 students from different Faculty programs, as Entrepreneur Club’s members, visited ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile environment. Staff of the company, Mrs. Ferhati and her colleges, warmly welcomed the students. They introduced the students firstly with the small "museum", found on the first floor of the company. There were exhibit old communication means starting from 30s to almost nowadays. Then students were introduced with the HR & PR floor, where all of the most important ideas and other decisions came from.

For the participant students was organized a friendly environment in the meeting room of the company where a small cocktail was served and small gifts were given. Mr. Tartari, joined the participants too. Each of the students was introduced and after a brief presentation on the general sectors of the companies, students had the opportunity to discuss on an important topic, such as the employment opportunities and the basic expectations the companies have about the candidates.  Some of the things that were stressed as very important were: experience in workshops, conferences, internships. Mr. Tartari: “You better face difficulties now, at the university life, and get prepared for future ones".

Also by the end they announced that future plans are being developed between Epoka University and ALBtelecom & Eagle Mobile Company. In conclusion, this was the first step of a larger project of Entrepreneur Student Club of Epoka University with the main goal of visiting each of the important companies in Albania, which in the near future will be the employees of them, and creating the clear view of the work environment. As well as, students may have the chance to create contacts and offer to themselves the opportunity of internships in these companies.


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