Ejsi Berisha; Epoka graduates started her master studies at University of Sorbonne, Paris.

December 11th, 2017

Ejsi Berisha; Epoka graduates started her master studies at University of Sorbonne, Paris.

Ejsi Berisha; Epoka graduates started her master studies at University of Sorbonne, Paris.

Ejsi Berisha graduated with high honors on Banking and Finance program at “EPOKA” University in 2016. Now she is following her master studies at University of Sorbonne, Paris. She was selected among hundreds of candidatures in one of the most selective master programs in Sorbonne. The master that she is studying is one of the top four scientific master programs in MBFA - Money, Banking, Finance and Insurance.

I graduated from “EPOKA” University in 2016 from the Banking and Finance program. Since then I have always been looking for new challenges. Hearing about the great reputation of “La Sorbonne”, made me want to be part of this university that has a lot of history and many famous ALUMNIS. So I left from Albania with a mission. The objective during the first year of my stay here was to ameliorate my level of French (C1 level is required to enroll in a university here in Paris). During that year I lived in a French family as an ‘Au Pair’. I worked on daily basis and also attended my French language courses regularly. Then, things went by very fast and one day I received the positive answer from the University of Paris1, Panthéon-Sorbonne. A dream come true!

It has only been two months since I started this master program. The level of difficulty is much higher. We have a lot of subjects to validate per semester and the language is one of the barriers you need to pass to fully understand the things during the class. There is also a very high competition among the students, because there is a second selection in order to continue your studies in the second year of master. So, in order to have good grades, you have to do a lot of independent and systematic work at home, and use the school library to its full potential. But for me this is not something new, because during my three years at “EPOKA” University I received fundamental knowledge from all the professors. They taught us to use logic instead of thinking mechanically. I am very grateful to them! Also, I was an active member of student clubs, and had the opportunity to moderate debates and present different events that our university organized. Now that I’m looking back I can understand that each of those activities helped me gain confidence to present my ideas clearly to other people. You should keep in mind that extra-curricular activities are a big bonus for you and you will discover their benefits when you face real life situations.

Now let me give you a sneak peek of what it is like living in Paris. Tourists tend to find this city fascinating due to its history and old architecture and often think that life here goes by smoothly and at a slow pace. In reality it is quite the opposite, it is a very busy metropolis and everyone tries to keep up with its rhythm. Paris is a big city and only transportation takes hours from your day, so you will see people running at the metro stations, on the streets and…everywhere! You will see students that study or even sleep at the metro. Life here turns you into a multi-tasking person, because basically you want to use every single minute efficiently.

For all the students who want to study in Paris, you may also have heard tons of people telling you that Paris is unaffordable and expensive. Indeed, rents are very high, but there are many job opportunities for students that can help cover monthly expenses. I wanted to make it here on my own so I found a job, and now I work every day and also attend every lesson. In other words, I manage to cover up my own living expenses here. Of course, it is not easy to manage work and school together, but good will and persistence will always take you where you want to be! So, do not limit yourself and do not tame your dreams only because of your external conditions or other people’s words. Not being in your comfort zone all the time is great fun! Go ahead and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

If any of you is interested in knowing more about the steps to follow in order to study in Paris, I would be more than happy to help.


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