Dr. Allajbeu: Students and labour market

May 18th, 2013

Dr. Allajbeu: Students and labour market

Dr. Allajbeu: Students and labour market

This week’s guest of the Open Forum series organized by Epoka University was the CEO of the American Hospital Dr. Klodian Allajbeu, who held a conversation with students, discussing with them on “Students’ future at the labor market”. During the discussion with students, Dr. Klodian Allajbeu presented the advantages and disadvantages of the Albanian labor market, emphasizing the importance of increased investment that young people should pay to their personal and professional qualifications. According to him, the Albanian labor market presents several advantages, which most of other countries in the region and Europe do not have. “Albania presents several advantages in its labor market, but at the same time they look as disadvantages. The main advantage is that Albania has the youngest average age in the region, which does not exist in many other countries of the region and Europe. While this represents a positive feature for graduate students, it also poses a problem in terms of market expertise. Against all this evidence it can be suggested that there should be more investment in terms of personal and professional qualification, starting in auditoriums”, Dr. Allajbeu said.

Referring to the main challenges that the labour market is facing nowadays, he noted that apart from increasing competition in the labor market and competition among graduates for a good job, a major challenge is the competition with technology. "We live in a time where technology has become one of the decisive factors of the life of each one of us and not only. Now the market is developing with galloping steps and the technology is moving beyond the boundaries of imagination", he said.

Although Albania's level of labor market is somewhat behind compared with other countries in the region, Dr. Allajbeu underlined the fact that after four or five years, the differences will be eliminated and requirements will be different to those of other employment markets. "I think that students should continue to invest seriously in their careers not only in the auditorium, but also outside auditoriums, being in touch with technological developments. Everything starts from their projects focused on their future and their goals should be in correlation with adjustment challenges and developments in technology", Dr. Allajbeu noted.

During his discussion, Dr. Allajbeu also focused on aspects related to the main problems. According to him, currently a variety of sectors in the Albanian market represent a considerable uncertainty, where many things in reality are very superficial and professionally incorrect, which favors those who take more risks and you have nothing to lose. However, he underlined the fact that things are changing at a very fast pace and are based on well-prepared human resources. "Based on my experience, but not only, I believe that success is proportional to the investment that everyone makes in himself," he said.

At the end of the discussion, Dr. Klodian Allajbeu answered the questions raised by students, mainly about the details and requirements of the major employers and he also thanked the authorities and students of Epoka University for the invitation extended to him.


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