Dialogue Society representatives visited Epoka University

May 28th, 2014

The Academic Director of Dialogue Society, Mr. Hidayet Cen Erbil, visited Epoka University on May 28, 2014. During his visit, Mr. Erbil, introduced to senior students and lecturers the activities and programs offered by Dialogue Society, which is a registered charity, established in London in 1999, with the aim of advancing social cohesion by connecting communities, empowering people to engage and contributing to the development of ideas on dialogue and community building. It does this by bringing people together through discussion forums, courses, capacity building publications and outreach. It operates nation-wide with regional branches across the UK.

In collaboration with Keele University’s internationally renowned School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy they co-deliver a cutting-edge Master Degree in Dialogue Studies, consisting on stimulating combination of taught academic subjects, research, skills-based training and internship.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Cem, emphasized that they are aiming to have more excellent students from Albania, encouraged the senior students to apply in this program and pledged to assist during the application process.
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Media and Public Relations Office

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