Call for Expression of Interest to Participate in a Research Group under CES

December 14th, 2017

Call for Expression of Interest to Participate in a Research Group under CES

Call for Expression of Interest to Participate in a Research Group under CES

The Center for European Studies (CES) has announced the First Call for Expression of Interest to Participate in a Research Group under CES. Following the CES objectives and scope of work, the call aims to promote scholar work that analyzes the development of EU policies and institutions over time and various forms of cooperation and conflict that characterizes the union’s relationship with states and regions. More specifically, the center strongly supports research works that study Albania’s progress for the EU agenda and the challenges of the integration that is specific to the Western Balkans region.  

The positions offered within a Research Group are:

  1. Chair of the Research Group
  2. Experienced Research Fellow
  3. Young Research Fellow ( New PhD graduates)
  4. Research Assistant 
  5. Research Fellow ( open to researchers outside of Epoka University) 

This call is open to all academic staff

For further information on the call, please read the guidelines attached to this email. 

All interested academic staff can apply by filling in the form (second document attached to the email) and submitting it electronically to  until 15tof December 2017.

Meanwhile, we are glad to share with you the formation of the first research groups under:
Research Area 4: European Economic Integration: Politics & Policy And 
Research Area 5: Peace and Well Being in the Western Balkans: Peace and Well Being in Europe
Details of each research group and their research topics can be found here. 
Please note that the applications for some research groups are already closed. 
You can either apply to be a research fellow in an existing research group ( for which the applications are still open) or you can propose other research topics fitting into the announced research areas. 
We highly encourage applications in the other 3 remaining research areas respectively being: 

Area 1: EU Enlargement and Integration

Area 2: Save the Planet: EU Strategy for Environmental Protection

Area 3: The European Union and Democracy Assistance


If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

On behalf of CES, we thank you again for your consideration and we look forward to furthering collaborations.




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