BINF Visit to Eagle & AlbTelecom

May 15th, 2012

The best way to understand the theoretical background gained in the auditoriums is to see it applied in practice. For this purpose on Tuesday 15, 2012 the Business Informatics Freshmen students of Epoka University organized a study trip at two leader companies in Albania in the field of telecommunication.

During the visit we were hosted by the Head of IT of Albtelecom and Eagle Mobile Mr. Hasan Demir, who was so kind to share with the students the duties and everyday processes of the department he is leading.

The students were also granted a visit on the “newsroom” offices, a new concept implemented by the two merged companies in order to increase the interactivity and transparency among employees and also the managerial staff.

Furthermore a questions session too was held where students asked various questions on the telecommunication sector in general and the latest technological advances in communication too.


Rruga Tirane-Rinas, Km 12, Universiteti Epoka